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Hotel Roulette - American Airlines IRROPS Disaster

Almost every week I travel with American Airlines and often times my flights connect via Los Angeles. The majority of times I travel through LAX I connect between regional jets (RJ) and never have to leave the American Eagle (AE) remote terminal. This is great because the American Eagle remote ...

The only passenger in Asiana Airlines First Class Seoul to Frankfurt

For the second time on my trip, I would be the only passenger in the First Class Cabin on a long haul flight.  Not too shabby!

the Asiana Airlines Boeing 747-400 Combi that would take me to Frankfurt
Then again, shabby could be a word used to describe the First Class ...
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An unprecedented, yet appreciated e-mail from United

I know us United apologists realists elite fliers tend to be biased towards the "little things" denoting signs of improvement in the carriers' brand since the 2012 merger saga with Continental, but I thought I would draw attention towards an e-mail I received a few hours ago for an upcoming flight ...

Downgraded by US Air During IRROPS

A few months ago, I flew to Europe using my United miles and had the opportunity to experience some awesome European Airlines hard and soft business class product. Despite this, on my return, I flew Lufthansa’s’ 747-8i to Washington DC and was supposed to connect to US Airways to ...

Keep Your Cool During IRROPS & Get More!

We all know how stressful traveling can be, and it can be even more stressful during delayed or cancellations. Yet, this week I realized how being calm, laughing at the IRROPS, and going with the flow can really get you ahead.
Here is how the story goes:
 I was booked to fly from ...
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TopCashBack Follow-up

If you haven't had a chance yet to take a look at all of my previous posts (because I have written so many lately), then you should read this first as well as the comments that follow.
My opinions are my own, as are my experiences and your mileage may vary.  Some commenters had similar ...

The Airport hotel to stay away from at BWI - The Hilton BWI

Normally I try to highlight the hotels around the world that treat loyal guest right, but from time to time you run into hotels that just fail on so many levels. As a loyal Hilton Diamond for over 8 years I have become accustom to the standards of Hilton Hotels.
The Hilton BWI airport is a ...

Getting Away on Miles: Delta Check-in & Upgrade MNL-NRT

After a wonderful vacation circumventing Southeast Asia, it was time to return to North America. Originally, I was slated to return later in the month, yet due to unforeseen circumstance I was forced to return to North America earlier. Thankfully Delta came to my rescue and got me a last minute ...

Delta Comes to the Rescue: Using SkyMiles

Day in and day out, I feel as though I’m the only pro-Delta blogger left on and one of the few in the blogging community. Although, I told myself I would divorce Delta in 2012, I am now having 2nd thoughts and in fact I must say Delta has remained my favorite airline in 2012, and ...

London to Sydney, the Long Way, in United Business - Oz Fest 2012

OzFest 2012 (Canberra) - Introduction Lufthansa First Class, Denver to Frankfurt Lufthansa's First Class Terminal and LH901, Frankfurt to London Hilton Paddington Station London to Sydney, the Long Way, in United Business Sydney's Qantas Club & The Q400 to Canberra The Park Hyatt ...

Twitter: Aeromexico is on it!

Just about every major US airline to American Express every company is upgrading its customer service to include social media. From news updates to airfare sales to pop culture and sports,  to live updates; people are constantly tweeting. Some airlines (Delta, Alaska) are great with responding ...

Is Complaining To United Even Worth It?

After having a less than wonderful trip experience from LAX to HNL a few weeks ago I finally decided to take all of you guy’s advice and write a letter to United voicing my frustration and dissatisfaction with my inflight experience. Being a new United flyer, I just assumed that this was ...

Top Notch Service On Delta. This is Why I love you!

It’s amazing how flight attendants can make or break a flight! Last week I finally go to wish Boringham…I mean Birmingham, Alabama good bye and head back to California for good! Being an epic moment, I decided to fly home on my airline of choice, Delta. Why Delta? Because Delta has the ...
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It Pay$ to be loyal – Delta lost my upgrade?! Part III

It Pays to be Loyal – Delta last my upgrade?! Part I
It Pays to be Loyal – Delta lost my upgrade?! Part II
After a system glitch with the Fly Delta ...

It Pays to be Loyal – Delta lost my upgrade?! Part II

It Pays to be Loyal – Delta lost my upgrade?! Part I
It Pays to be Loyal – Delta lost my upgrade?! Part II
After Delta lost my upgrade from a “system ...


Over the 4th of July I decided to take a vacation with my friend to vegas. On my way there, I was upgraded to first class and needed to write a quick blog post while in the air. I sat down, removed my wallet, cellphone and keys from my pocket and placed them all in the seatback pocket because my ...

The New System - How United is just falling apart - Trip from Hell part 2

You can read part one of my multi part trip report about my debacle on “The Worlds Leading Airline” United. Here
Now as we arrive in the Z gate area of Frankfurt airport I see a sea of people ahead of me, you can hear yelling and crying. I walk right into the mess and to my dismay ...