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The New System - How United is just falling apart - Trip from Hell part 1

I had the misfortune of traveling on United Airlines for the first time after the “new” combined UA/CO system was put in place. I have been reading post on United’s facebook page, flyer talk and mainstream media about all the issues United was having with this “new” ...

The Power of the Star Alliance..

A bit random.. but I'm sitting in the Scandinavian (SAS) Lounge, in Brussels, getting access with my Continental Airlines status, flying Brussels airlines on a ticket purchased from British Midland International (bmi), getting mileage credited to my UNITED account.. Got to love the power of the Star Alliance.

Me, Myself & Irene

Well what started out to be a simple mileage run from London to Denver on UNITED, turned out to be a bit more exciting. I booked the following flights:
with a return
I was using two systemwide upgrades to confirm all the flight including the CO flights, I ...

Continental/United Update Livery

I still am rooting for this design, but at least the merger team at Continental/United is making some progress on the livery of the combined carrier.
When UA and CO announced they were getting hitched in May, they revealed this livery for the post-merger airline. I was horrified ...

Time to Invest in a Lifetime Continental Presidents Club Membership?

I'm at the point of the year again where I've reached a fork in the road. I've re-qualified for 1K status on United, so my elite benefits are safe through at least January 2012, but now I must decide whether to continue to credit to UA (where I earn double RDMs on most flights) or pursue status on ...

Continental tests self-boarding at IAH

Tired of the grouchy attitude or bad breath of your gate agent? Well now there's a solution if you're flying through Houston!
Self-boarding is being tested select Continental gates at IAH. Lufthansa has already offered self-boarding for years, as do 13 other airlines worldwide, but ...

Pomegranate Martini anyone? Continental introduces speciality cocktails

Just a few weeks after UA eliminated "premium" liquor from their BOB service, Continental is adding it:

In the mood for a mojito, pomegranate martini or Red Bull-spiked cocktail?

Well, you won't have to head to a bar to indulge in these specialty drinks. Starting Thursday, you can find them onboard Continental Airlines flights to North American, Caribbean and Latin American destinations. Customers can buy the mixes with alcohol for $9 and without it for $3.


Federal Court Challenge to United-Continental Merger

In what may be the first of many legal challenges to the proposed Continental-United merger,
Forty-nine air travelers from 15 states filed an antitrust lawsuit in federal court in San Francisco Tuesday seeking to block the planned merger of United Airlines and Continental Airlines...The ...

United vs. Continental in the NYC Market

While the New York City airline market is one of the nation's most competitive, transcon routes are particularly cutthroat. Delta, American, and United are all vying for your business out of JFK and offer an enhanced product to SFO/LAX, with premium meals and international-style ...

A return to airline regulation?

Some members of Congress are worried about what the CO-UA merger will mean for the consumer and are considering introducing a bill to restore airline regulation if the merger goes through.
Deregulation has been credited with making airline travel affordable for the average American. But ...

Coming Soon: New United Mileage Plus Website

I received the following e-mail from United today:

My first thought was what redesign? I didn't even know there was a website. Turns out there is, sort of--the web address takes you to the Mileage Plus portion of the United website. So far, so good.
United promises ...

Delta Upgrades Regional Jets

As regional jet travel continues to proliferate, Delta is adding First Class cabins on many regional jets and hopes to offer two-cabin service on flights over 750 miles this fall.
Once upgrades are completed, 50 routes that feature Delta Connection flights with just one service class will ...

United & Continental Pilots Moving Closer to New Contract

Some good news for a change on the labor front:
United and Continental airlines are on course to wrap up a new contract with their pilot unions by fall, a critical step if their megamerger is to deliver the $1.2 billion boost leaders of the carriers promised Wall Street.

While ...

Continental Announces Elite Upgrades on Award Tickets for Credit Card Holders

Scott O'Leary, Continental's Managing Director of Customer Experience and a former guest on UPGRD, confirmed on Flyertalk yesterday that elite members who hold a Continental Chase Presidential Plus or OnePass Plus MasterCard will be eligible for complimentary upgrades on award tickets starting ...

Continental Airlines: Lisbon-Caracas for $440 r/t

Continental Airlines has misfiled a V-class (Economy) fare from Lisbon, Portugal to Caracas, Venezuela. Rather than $550 o/w, it is only $55 o/w. With taxes, fees, and fuel surcharge, the lowest a/i fare is $440 r/t.
Sample Itinerary:
LIS-LHR-IAH-CCS, departing August 4 (LIS-LHR operated ...

Fierce Competition for Loyalty in Lucrative NYC Airline Market

Bloomberg had a nice piece yesterday on the über-competitive NYC airline market.
At stake is a bigger slice of the $13.6 billion spent each year by passengers who start or end trips in New York, which no carrier dominates. More than 100 million people, including the corporate ...