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Hotel Review: Westin Bund Center Shanghai, China


Shanghai is China’s largest city by population and is the country’s global financial hub. Situated along the Yangtze River in East China, Shanghai is a major metropolitan city with high-rise commercial buildings, beautiful architecture and an amazing ...


Shanghai Psychos

This is why I love travel.  A video has been floating around from some Ukrainians that sneak into a skyscraper under construction and climb to the top.  I'm not ruining the video by saying that as far as you consider the top to be, they go further. As a side note - this also fuels my ...


How to Visit China Without a Visa


So you want to visit China without a visa? Well, you're in luck. Starting January 1, 2014, you can travel to and visit the following cities in China without a visa for up to 72 hours (3 ...

United's new Chengdu route has major implications


The recent network developments in the US-China space have more groundbreaking implications than may appear on paper. A simple rehash of occurences within the past two weeks provides a good starting framework. 

Two weeks ago, ...


New United Airlines Transpac Route from SFO: Chengdu

United Airlines will announce a new transpacific longhaul route from San Francisco tomorrow and an insider tells me the new destination will be to Chengdu (CTU).

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan province in Southwest China and home to more than 14,000,000 people. 80% of the world's pandas live in the Sichuan province and Chengdu is an Air China hub and also served by other Star Alliance carriers including ANA, Asiana, Thai, and EVA.

The flight will purportedly be operated three times weekly by a 787 aircraft beginning in June 2014. More details after the official announcement...

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How far would you go to avoid a luggage up-charge?

Baggage fees have certainly become one of the big bugaboos of the travel industry over the last several years. Airlines have gone from offering two free bags to one free bag to no free bags, with notable exceptions like Southwest's "Bags Fly Free" promotion. Some airlines also offer free checked ...


Forget 4 Miles to Hong Kong - I'm Taking You There Free!

Boy did we have an exciting week last week trying to secure those HK tickets for 4 miles and $35?  Some are still holding out hope, some have given up.  For those that have kissed this one goodbye, this week is for you.  By coincidence, the Sherpa and Sherpstress were in Hong Kong last ...

Mixing Business and Pleasure in Beijing - An Introduction


2-Air China JFK-PEK in Business Class CA982
3-Peninsula Neijing
4-Dining Highlight
5-The shortest visit by an American to the Great Wall
6-Air China PEK-JFK in Business Class CA981
7-Conclusion and Reader Gift

Is it worth flying to Beijing for ...


My 2011 Quick Travel Videos

When I'm traveling, I take pictures of everything. Every now and then, I see something so neat that I decide to film it. And every now and then, I like what I filmed so much that I edit it and stick it on YouTube.

When I was in Shanghai, I thought it was pretty cool that I got a ride in ...

Marriott Beijing City Wall - Best Marriott I Have Ever Been Too!


 First off I’m not a Marriott guy at all, and I have only been to a few Marriott hotels around the world in the past five years, and have never really been impressed. The program and hotel offerings never really fit my travel pattern. Never the less, I was happy to be a guest ...

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Video: Star Alliance Gold Gets You a Free Ride to the Air China Shanghai Lounge

Well, I thought this was kinda neat. When I flew Air China Economy Class from Shanghai Pudong to Beijing, I was given a ticket to get a free ride from security to the lounge. I thought it was silly at first, but I decided to give it a whirl, because... well... why not? Turns out the ride was pretty necessary! That lounge was far away!