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US Bank Lifemiles Visa Shutting Down and a Nice Going Away Present

I recently signed up for the US Bank Lifemiles Visa Signature card and was excited about the proposition.  Lifemiles are routinely on sale with terrific bonus offers (recently up to 125% on purchased miles) and fill a void for Star Alliance miles across my accounts so despite only receiving a ...

LifeMiles Mixed Cabin Redemptions Now Possible

In a surprising move that suddenly makes Avianca LifeMiles much more valuable, mixed cabin awards are now bookable! First, business, and economy class can now be mixed on a single itinerary, with the highest cabin establishing the price of the award.
Up until now if you booked a first class ...

It's Credit Card Application Day - Which Ones and Why I Value Them

I am not quite like other bloggers in that I have only as of late really started to apply for reward earning credit cards with any consistency, though I have carried a few accumulated over time.  My situation was unique, as my wife and I were in and out of the country for four years (mostly ...

3:1 Avianca Lifemiles Today Only

A targeted e-mail went out to Avianca Lifemiles members this morning with a 3:1 mileage purchase offer: buy 1,000 miles and get 2,000 free, today only. 1,000 miles costs $30 + tax, so you're getting miles for one cent, pre-tax. With sweet spots on the Avianca award chart like 110,000 miles r/t ...

New airline liveries: the good, the bad and the ugly

Many network, hybrid and low-cost carriers around the world have reinvented their paint schemes over the past few months, or have at least unveiled new design patterns, logos and brands to replace their current ones in the near-term future. The most notable carrier to recently announce a major ...

Avianca, TACA and Copa Join Star Alliance

Star Alliance has grown again today, with the addition of Avianca/TACA and Copa to the alliance. With TAM's future in the alliance in question, Star has ensured that it maintains a vital presence in the growing Central and South American markets. For frequent flyer point collectors, the generous ...
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Taca Airfare LAX - Lima Only $239! - SOLD OUT

UPDATE:  SOLD OUT! As of 11am PST This Sale has been terminated. Fare is back to the typical $800-900 range. 
The TacaAvianca group of airlines based in Central America and Colombia today released economy promo tickets tonight for only $239 round trip from LAX to Lima! A price ...

Star Alliance carriers win big at the Global Travel Awards.

Star wins big at the annual Global Travel Awards on Jan 18 2011, showing that customers are impressed with what they experience on Star Alliance airlines.
The Awards are voted on by travelers in 61 categories covering airlines, hotels and travel products.
Here is how Star Alliance Airlines ...

My Thoughts on Avianca-TACA and Copa Joining Star Alliance

As Fozz reported, in a ceremony in Miami earlier today, Star Alliance announced that Avianca-TACA and Copa will join Star Alliance by mid-2012.
Avianca and TACA merged last year, though the two airlines still operate separately and are not formally affiliated with an alliance. Currently, ...

Copa and Avianca-Taca to join Star Alliance

According to this article on, it appears that Star Alliance will be seeing a very large jump in presence in Central and South America.   It's been announced that Copa Airlines and Avianca-Taca will be joining Star Alliance.

Having flown on Copa on a few occasions, I have to say I'm pleased with this.   Matthew can comment on his experience with Avianca. :)

So the next question is to see what happens if LAN and TAM complete their merger.  Will they pick Star Alliance or Oneworld or will Skyteam try to lure them over to the darkside?

Day 5: Cusco to Lima on LAN Peru + Lima + Lima to Bogota on Avianca

Day 0: Introduction: My quest for Machu Picchu and why I chose Mexicana + Avianca + LAN Peru
Day 1: Los Angeles to Bogota via Mexico City on Mexicana + Bogota to Lima on Avianca
Day 2: Lima to Cusco on LAN Peru + Cusco
Day 3: Cusco to Aguas Calientes on Peru Rail + Climbing Putucusi ...

Denied Exit Row on Avianca Airlines

Ironically, Avianca really impressed me yesterday when they refused to seat me in the exit row on my flight from Lima to Bogota. During check-in with Latin airlines, I can usually use my *very* limited Spanish to state my name, where I am traveling to, and that I am not checking ...

Off to South America for the Week!

In a few hours, I will be returning to LAX for another long day of travel. Today I will be flying from LAX to Bogota, Colombia via Mexico City on Mexicana, than from BOG to Lima on Avianca. After a quick rest in Lima, I'll be on an early morning flight to Cusco on Lan Peru where I will spend a couple days exploring Machu Picchu.

I have had to cancel my last two trips to South America so I am very excited that I am actually going this time. I'll keep you updated on my progress throughout the week.

No Picture of the Week this week, but I hope to have some great pictures to share when I return next Saturday.

Superior Customer Service from Mexicana and Avianca

I'm finalizing the plans for a trip to South America next month and had to contact both Mexicana and Avianca today via telephone. I was very impressed with the high level of service for a "no status" flyer like me. Hold time was about two minutes for each airline and the agents were courteous, helpful, and profusely thanked me for my business.

Can't say the same for United. Thankfully, I am shielded from having to deal with the United International Call Center or surly U.S. agents, but I shudder to think (vividly recalling what it is like) what most travelers have to deal with--20 minute hold times and incompetent agents--when trying to reach United.

Am I exaggerating?