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As American Airlines Departs, Opportunity for United at Burbank

News that American Airlines will suspend service from Burbank/Bob Hope Airport next month compounds a problem for an airport that continues to lose passengers even as it invests in a pricey infrastructure upgrade that will enhance the parking facilities and connect the airport to a nearby Metrolink ...
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The Legality and Ethics of Terminating a Frequent Flyer Account

Random Segments writes a well-reasoned and provocative piece on the case of Rabbi S. Binyomin Ginsberg, the Minneapolis man who found his elite status revoked and mileage account closed after complaining too much to Northwest Airlines. Ginsberg is suing, arguing that Northwest had no right to ...

The Photograph the TSA Doesn't Want You to See!

As we near the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Live and Let's Fly will feature a series of posts in the coming the days focusing on how travel has changed over the last decade.
Today, I want to bring to your attention a recent story from Columbus Airport in Ohio that sadly demonstrates ...
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US Airways: We Love Fees, Charlotte, and Mergers (but not Pilots)

Ely Portillo of the Charlotte Observer covered the US Airways monthly employee meeting in Charlotte on Tuesday attended by CEO Doug Parker. Here's a quick rundown:
On Fees:
Parker said he understands that fliers hate the new fees, but with fuel prices rising and the economy tottering, ...

Thinking Critically About Rumored Changes to United Mileage Plus Program

News about the rumored changes to the United Mileage Plus program came as quite a shock to me. Although the final details will likely not be released until after Labor Day, it will still be advantageous to analyze each of the changes under consideration:
I. Upgrade Waitlist Priority – ...

Analysis: TSA Diffuses Full Body Scanner Privacy Concerns

While I am no fan of the TSA, I will give them credit when credit is due. The announcement this week that the TSA will introduce new software on full body scanners that generates an image of a human outline rather than the nude images currently produced is a step in the right direction.
Bowing ...

Don't Blame Delta for Saudi Foreign Policy

The Rabbi Jason Miller is not happy with Delta Air Lines. In a poorly-written article published in the Huffington Post, Miller bemoans that Saudi Arabian Airlines will soon be a member of the SkyTeam Alliance, the airline group that Delta is part of. In a call to action to both Jews and Gentiles, he ...

Why I Mourn the Loss of Airport Smoking Lounges

Call me old-fashioned, but few things irritate me more than seeing smoking areas eliminated from the secure side of airports. I don’t smoke, don’t intend to ever smoke, and consider it an unhealthy, overpriced, and sophomoric habit.
At the same time, 20% of the U.S. population ...

Chris Elliott's Response to My Post on "Mistake" Fares

Last week I posted my thoughts about airline mistake fares in response to Scott McCartney's excellent "Middle Seat" column in the Wall Street Journal on the same subject. Today, Christopher Elliott decided to chime in. While I prefer not not even bring up his name, he provides so much ...

The Authoritative Post on Airline Fees

Although he wrote it in January, the Philadelphia Inquirer just published a column our friend Christopher Elliott did on airline fees in this week's Sunday travel section.
Some of his analysis is spot-on, much of it is...not.
First, what makes airline fees reasonable? According to ...