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Elites Can Skip the Upgrade Queue on US Airways - Secure a First Class Seat


It comes to nobody’s surprise that frequent flyers enjoy elite upgrades more than any other benefit the airline offers. As frequent flyers move up the food chain, upgrades typically become move abundant as upgrade priority increases and the upgrade window expands. However, would you be ...


Is the Grand Hyatt DFW the Best Airport Hotel?


Our exceedingly excellent stay...  


When we arrived at the front desk we were met by Victoria, a front desk expert.  She was exactly what I, as a Hyatt Diamond member, and Hyatt as a hotel chain want in that first initial contact with the hotel.  She ...

American Airlines Customer Service Responds to "Get Your Ass Back Here" at LAX


Back in November, I experienced one of the rudest gate agents/bus dragons at Los Angeles International Airport. Long story short, my partner was trying to accompany me to the remote terminal, but as his boarding pass was not for a regional flight the AA agent refused to allow him to board the bus ...


Best Usage of US Airways Dividend Miles Before The Program Ends 2Q 2015


The AA/US merger is in full swing and the next major miles stone that will affect frequent flyers is when the two programs officially merger into the American Airline Advantage program and the airline only has one loyalty program to manage. The ground work has already been laid, with ...

Merge your American Airlines And US Airways Frequent Flyer Accounts


Around 10pm PST Wednesday night I logged into my American Airlines Advantage account and instead of being directly logged in, a popup notification greeted me asking me to provide American Airlines with my US Airways Dividend account number.  This was the first time since the merger with US ...


My 2014 in travel - 1 Million Miles and Beyond


2014 was a year where the only constant was change, thankfully for me, most of them have been positive.  Most importantly, I became a father in August.  I'm the proud father of a beautiful healthy daughter.  It is amazing how it changes your life.  Of course this blog is about ...


Another long layover at LAX, and another option for a workout.


I have been making frequent work trips to Los Angeles this year.  On the way home on a recent trip, I found myself with a long layover at the airport.  I wanted to share my experience and make readers aware of some workout options near LAX airport.  

This isn't the first ...

Mileage Earning Debit Cards Revisited

After lots and lots of emails and comments from a post written over 10 months ago, it seems like it is time for an update.   But before we get into that you should sign up for our email list here.  

So let's start fresh on this debit card ...


American Domestic First - DFW to LAX on a 767



I traveled with my family the day after Thanksgiving to Los Angeles as we had plans to visit SoCal and attend the Notre Dame - USC game massacre. I booked a multi-segment itinerary originating in Minneapolis on Tuesday, ...


American Adds Year Long Bonus for First Class & Business Class Passengers


Since the merger with US Airways, American has been busy aligning airline policies, downgrading the AA flying experience to match one closer to US, and the airlines are now playing catching up quicker than ever before to offer a more premium business class hard product which includes fleet wide ...

New Greeting for AA Phone Reps

This is totally an airline nerd thing, but I spend a chunk of my day each day (sometimes a huge chunk) on the phone with various airlines booking awards. The bulk of my clients are based in North America and lately, perhaps because of the 100,000 AA mile CITI sign-up bonus earlier this year, we ...

Update on recent travels flying American


After a pretty miserable experience with United this year, after over 150,000 premier qualifying miles, I really didn't see the need to continue getting frustrated with their operational and many other issues.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have decided to explore my options for domestic ...


Is the Elimination of Stopovers on United MileagePlus Awards Inevitable?

Delta Air Lines has announced that free stopovers will not be part of the 2015 Skymiles program and it seems likely that the combined American and US Airways AAdvantage program will also not offer complimentary stopovers. That would leave United Airlines as the sole major legacy carrier in the ...


American reshuffles transatlantic routes and schedules for S15

American Airlines is adding five new routes between four of its US hubs and select European cities in summer 2015, although these changes reflect more surgical additions across its gateway cities rather than overall growth for the combined US Airways and American ...


US Airways 7 Day Upgrade Window - What's the Point?


As a recent US Airways Chairman, I am adjusting to their system.  My general rule of thumb is that I add my frequent flyer account to whichever airline I am flying.  For example, this week I am flights to Tulsa (on American) and to Omaha (on US Airways) and have put my respective ...


Is the Sky Blue-er on the other side: Testing US and DeltAA


I'd love to say "its not me, its you" and fully break up with United, but I don't feel like any US domestic airline is that much better than any other.  Although clearly United is at or very near the bottom.  With that in mind, I used a recent business trip to Los Angeles as a trial run ...


Cabin Crew - They Make or Break an Airline


Despite a poor experience with American Airlines last week which involved an agent with true little mAAn syndrome and led to the police being called, I am happy to report that I had a great inflight experience last weekend while flying to Missouri for the Seattle Seahawks vs Kansas City Chiefs ...