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Your know when you are an airline geek when....

  Tomorrow is a big milestone for me, I will have flown on every Star Alliance airline based in Europe. This hit me when checking in for my flight on Aegean the newest European based Star Alliance member airline. I know it is a bit geeky to care about this but you are reading a blog about this ...

Dear Mr. Smisek... an open letter

Sherpa Note:  I wrote this post almost a week ago but wanted to give United a chance to respond first.  Their auto-responder email I received back said they would come back within a shocking... SEVEN days!  I'm going to say that ...

WABAM! Boeing (re)Breaks into Silk Air

Singapore Airline’s little sister and regional carrier signed a letter of intent today with Boeing signing for a total of 68 Boeing 737 aircrafts. The agreement includes a firm order for 23 Boeing 737-800s and 31 Boeing 737-8 Max aircraft, and purchase rights for another 14 aircraft. Under the ...

I just booked Denver flights, with three nights hotel for $43!

Uh oh.  At the time of posting I was not aware (though I should have been) that the offer code was provided for the National Foundation for Blindness - that has the Sherpa feeling a little guilty.  Then Travelocity decided to cancel the reservations because the Sherpa (and others ...

Hong Kong - Many Firsts

I have wanted to go to Hong Kong for a very long time.  There are so many reasons why it is amazing, but for those of you that are less familiar, here are some key things that make it stand out:
- Under lease from Britain until 1997, they speak English and Cantonese.
- Two ...

Crediting to Another Airline - Intro to Alliances

Choosing an airline frequent flyer program in which to focus is as much about the airline you fly as it is the Alliance they are in. If you have saved your miles and signed up for a credit card bonus because you have always wanted to go to Osaka but you fly with American Airlines, you will be ...

MEA becomes the 17th member of the SkyTeam

From Beirut, Lebanon and across the world at SkyTeam Hubs worldwide from Atlanta to Beijing the SkyTeam is welcoming Middle Eastern Airline (MEA) as the second Middle Eastern carrier into the Alliance. MEA is the second airline to join the Skyteam in this region in 2012 after Saudia joined the ...
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Saudia Joins Sky Team

The SkyTeam has grown again, today welcoming Saudia Airlines, formally known as Saudi Arabian Airlines, as the 16th member to the SkyTeam family. The Flag carrying airline of Saudi Arabia is the first Middle East Airline to join the SkyTeam and is only the second middle eastern carrier, after Royal ...

Service Dogs fly Free!

As the airlines raise fees associated with pets being brought onto aircraft, a number of people are flocking to a new haven.  The haven?  They are certifying their pets as service animals.  Thanks to the Americans With Disability Act enforced in the US, individuals can't be denied ...

Snow Storm Alert: Hyatt Has You Covered!

Chicago is home to Hyatt's corporate headquarters. Chicago will be affected by a winter storm that has some forecasting up to two feet of snow. As we most know ORD is a major hub for UNITED and a hub for American Airlines. Hyatt wants people to know there are better places to sleep then on the floor ...

Upgrd 62: Eyjafjallajökull

Last week we were joined by Damian while he was stranded in BWI awaiting a return flight to Europe during the Eyjafjallajökull volcano disruption. Two apologies are due, first for the late editing and publishing of this episode and secondly for my pronunciation of Eyjafjallajökull. We discussed:

  • Irregular Airline Operations (irrops)
  • What to do when your flight is delayed or canceled
  • When to start rebooking
  • And some overnight accommodation options

Please share with us your irrops stories and let us know what worked in the past for you.


TCL 14: Love is in the air

Since it's spring we thought we would dedicate this week's flight attendant podcast to the search for in-flight romance or - as you will hear - 8 hours of occupied time. Hunter, from the Upgrd podcast and blog, joins us to discuss his dating attempts and Jen and Shelby return to discuss:
What ...

Continental vs Delta: Not Dogs vs Southern Hospitality

So you live in the New York metro area and find yourself wondering who you should fly or what airline is best.  If you've noticed, there appears to be an ongoing turf war between Continental, the incumbent, and Delta, the newcomer.  Both spend enormous amounts of money on marketing and ...

Happy Christmas from all of us at Upgrd!

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the airport
Not a flyer was stirring, not even a rat around D36.
The airplanes were parked by the jetbridge with care,
In hopes that the economy rebound would soon be there.

The Captain and FO were nestled in the ...

United Offers Unlimited Domestic Upgrades—but there is a catch!

Yesterday United announced it will be implementing a complimentary upgrade scheme starting in Q2 next year. The changes will bring UA's domestic upgrade program closer to those of Continental, US Airways, and Delta.
First, this was posted on FlyerTalk yesterday ...