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90,000 miles in Business Class to Asia is still an option


US Airways changed their partner award chart without notice today to match American Airlines award ticket cost from the US lower 48 and Canada to North Asia. I have reviewed the whole award chart and no other award regions were changed. The policy which is bad for consumers quickly increased the ...


American Airlines Introduces 5 Tier Award Chart & Changes Baggage Policies

Airline mergers are hardly good for consumer and today proves it yet again as we were all just #Parked. Airlines try to claim that airline mergers create more competition, adds tons of benefits for frequent flyers, and consumers benefit from larger network. But lets be real,  since the ...


AA Catering & IT Issues: Is this because of the merger?


It has been almost 90 days since the merger between US Airways and American Airlines was officially approved and the two airlines have been extremely busy integrating to synergize operations trying to maximize the ROI post-merger. As a consumers and travelers we have seen US Airways & ...


Envoy - The New Name For American Eagle Airlines


American Eagle Airlines, the regional subsidy of American Airlines will undergo a name change in Spring 2014 and will reluanch themselves as a new regional carrier known by the name Envoy. Envoy will remain a fully owned subsidy of American Airlines and will continue to operate under the American ...


AA & US Airways Begin To Align Customer Benefits

American Airlines and US Airways are taking the first noticeable steps to frequent flyers today to become one airline and have announced select mutual frequent flyer benefits on reciprocal airlines starting today. This means if you are flying either US Airways or American Airways you will now be ...

US Airways Award Flights Now Bookable on!

Less than a week into the start of 2014, American and US Airways are progressing quickly with their integration plans. Amol @PointsToPointB reported that the check-in and customer service desks at LAX had received new signage to include US Airways elite members. Also introduced this evening is ...

American Airlines And US Airways to Merge December 9th

The good ol’ days of American Airlines may soon be coming to an end as Doug Parker and the board of directors from US Airline stroll into Dallas on December 9, 2013.

For those of you who might have missed it, today:

the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District ...

The DOJ fails the traveling public

Earlier today news broke that the DOJ had reached a settlement with US Airways and American Airlines in regards to their merger, clearing the way for their merger.    The airlines agreed to give up slots at DC Reagan (DCA) and LaGuardia (LGA) airports.  They also agreed to ...

American reports $292M July profit; what are the implications?

Today is a very good day. We are completing one of the most successful turnarounds in aviation history. We are building a strong, competitive and profitable new American poised to lead again.

Tom Horton, American Airlines CEO

American Airlines reports strongest monthly ...

US Airways' Barclay Credit Card: The End Is Near

Sources say that the new American Airlines will be keeping its contract with Citibank and be ditching US Airways Barclay’s card. Although this may not be surprising, AA is keeping with Citibank due to the fact that in 2009 Citibank advanced AA $1 billion for miles.

Citibank ...

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A Rather Interesting AA Survey


Most of the time, I ignore the surveys that are sent to me because they take forever to complete, and I get nothing back for my time spent. However, I made an exception to complete one from AA since I want to know what they are planning for the "new" AAdvantage program, and I'm delight to ...

The United Merger: One Year Later


One year has passed since the day United and Continental officially tied the knot and what a year it has been. I predicted in a blog post late on March 2, 2012 that the transition would be bumpy and indeed it was--that first week of post-merger travel was a nightmare for many, including me. But ...


AA/US Merger Commercials - Already?!?

Today when working out at the gym, I spotted this commercial on a big screen TV overhead out of the corner of my eye. Not being able to hear it, the first thing I did when I returned home was search for the advertisement that I saw. In the end, it ended up being a commercial highlighting the ...


Love foolosophy? US Airways and American Airlines announce merger


On Wednesday, the boards of Tempe, AZ-based US Airways and Fort Worth-based American Airlines approved a merger that would equate to $11 billion in terms of market value. According to sources, American creditors will own 72% of the combined company and US Airways shareholders will take the ...

What Does the US Airways and American Airlines Merger Mean For You?

Not to pat myself on the back, but seven months ago I predicted--

...It appears the combined airline will take the American Airlines name, maintain its headquarters in Fort Worth, and be run by US Airways CEO Doug Parker. Apparently, Parker has caved into all AA labor demands and will ...

There's Love In the Air with American Air & US Air this Valentine's Day

Apply for The US Airways Premier World MasterCard(R)

Tomorrow is Valentine's day (AKA Nationally single awareness day) and whether you spend the day with a lover, a random okcupid date, or alone with your single friends drinking beer hating on your ex-lovers, it's a day when the world (well part of the world) stops and recognizes romantic ...


The Lawyer Behind the AA-US Merger

Never underestimate the capacity of one man to make a difference. The pages of history make that clear and as the dust settles around the almost certain merger of American Airlines and US Airways next week, we are now discovering the instrumental work of one man in orchestrating this grand union. ...

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Earlier today when trying to log into from my work computer to check on a flight to the Philippines I made a few weeks earlier I found myself having difficulties retrieving my reservation. After a closer look I realized that I was not on United's web page at all, but instead I was on ...