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Southwest Airlines Snacks on Longer Flights

Southwest Airlines is rather cryptic about its inflight food, providing the following info on its website--
We offer a variety of inflight snacks and beverages to tempt your taste buds...
Peanuts or pretzels are always complimentary as well as an assorted list of non-alcoholic beverages. ...

Petition: Alaska Airlines Food Options in the Forward Cabin

Alaska Airlines First Class offers only one meal option on most flights with the exception of flights to and from Hawaii. The airline is not known for cutting edge culinary options, but then again most airlines in the United States with the exception of maybe Jetblue Mint and Virgin America even try ...
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American Airlines Announces Free Snacks in Economy And Meals to Hawaii

American Airlines is playing catch up to every other major airline in the United States and is FINALLY going to offer free snacks again in economy class on domestic flights. Although this announcement is not anything special, as airlines such as Southwest, Delta, and Alaska has been offering ...

Full Hot Meal on a 1hr Economy Class Flight

Hop on an 11.5hr flight from Newark to Honolulu on United Airlines in economy class and you’ll be given the choice to buy a meal or snackbox onboard.  Don’t want to spend anything? Coffee, tea, or soft drinks (and a stroopwafel starting next month) will have to hold you over. On the ...

United is Bringing Free Snacks Back to Economy Class!

United Airlines is bringing back complimentary snacks back to economy class on flights within North and Latin America beginning in February 2016 and it will be more than pretzels! Building on news that illy coffee will be brewed onboard and in United Clubs, United will add a "savory mix" of ...
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United Improves Pre-Arrival Meals on European Flights

The butt of many jokes for many years, United Airlines is retiring its (in)famous pre-arrival premium class meals on transatlantic westbound flights. 
Why does this merit a post? Because we've been served something like this for five years, with no exception--

As reported ...

Cathay Pacific Business Class JFK to Hong Kong

Another guest post from my friend that just recently flew on Cathay Pacific in Business Class. I asked her to provide a review while the flight was still fresh in her memory.
I’d taken this flight last year in January, but not at the 01:30 departure time and I didn’t remember much ...

My Experiences with Travel and Dining in India

I had a business trip to India in late 2014.  While visiting Gurgaon, Chennai, Vellore and  Ahmedabad I was able to explore various cuisines as well as a few of the domestic airlines.  I have already reviewed some of the excellent hotels I visited (The Westin Gurgaon and the ITC Grand ...

Real Meals Coming to United Express on March 1, 2015

While Delta Air Lines and American Airlines already serve "real" meals onboard their regional jets, United has been a holdout, offering only junk food snack boxes. That changes on 01 March 2015 when United will begin to serve hearty meals onboard its regional jets, finally eliminating the profound ...

One of the Best Dinners I’ve Ever Had on United Airlines

As a 1K MillionMiler flyer on United, I’ve had my fair share of meals on UA over the last decade. Some have been good, some have been bad, but most were simply acceptable.
Last week I flew on United Airlines from Washington Dulles to Bahrain via Kuwait City on my way to the Qatar A350 ...

Impressive Meal Service Upgrades at United Airlines

United Airlines promised a vastly improved onboard meal experience last August, pledging to gradually roll out several improvements over the course of the next year. Almost immediately we saw a slight improvement in domestic lunch service and the re-introduction of meals on some shorter ...

The only passenger in Asiana Airlines First Class Seoul to Frankfurt

For the second time on my trip, I would be the only passenger in the First Class Cabin on a long haul flight.  Not too shabby!

the Asiana Airlines Boeing 747-400 Combi that would take me to Frankfurt
Then again, shabby could be a word used to describe the First Class ...
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AA Responds to My Complaint About New Meal Policy

Back on the first of the month, I had the opportunity to fly AA first class from Orlando to DFW, a day that just happened to coincide with the introduction of AA's new First Class meal policy for domestic flights.  I won't rehash the entire slate of changes here, but the big change was to ...

I Tasted The New American Meals and They Are a Serious Downgrade

Today is Day 1 of the Douggie Diet and I must say there are very few ups and more downs to the US Airways/AA food enhancements. The benefits of the new food offerings is mainly for US Airways fliers as meals are now being served on many more US Airways fights than premerger and now flights shorter ...

Thai Airways B747-400 First Class - Photo Tour (BKK-MUC)

I cashed in some UNITED miles for a R/T Europe to South East Asia first class reward. Here is a photo tour of the Thai (TG) B747-400 first class cabin on my return flight to Munich. You can also check out my photo tour of the TG A380 First class on my FRA-BKK flight. I have to say I think I like the ...

Swiss Air Lines Business Class to Luxembourg

After Liverpool, another leg on my trip was to Belgium for some touring and tasty beers.  I also was able to and get the somewhat elusive passport stamp in Luxembourg.

Early morning in Manchester UK 
My trip began early in the morning in Manchester Airport.  The ...

US Airways Adds Meals to Shorter Flights + Improves IFE

US Airways offers a very decent meal on domestic flights--when you can get one. The problem is that unless your flight is scheduled for more than 3.5 hours during conventional meal times, you're out of luck. That has put US Airways at a competitive disadvantage, as American, Delta, and United all ...
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Austrian Airlines Business Class Vienna to Chicago - Star to Spain

After a great trip to Spain, as an AvGeek, the last leg of the trip was one of my most anticipated segments, our ride home in Austrian Airlines Business Class.  

 In case you forget which airline you are flying, just check the bulkhead.  
Austrian recently ...

A Delicious Breakfast on American Airlines

I admit it. I do like airline food. Though I am getting better at turning things down, I still eat almost anything put before me on an airplane. Most of my domestic flying this year has been transcons to/from Newark on United Airlines, which feature a multi-course meal and menus in first class. ...