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Airport Lounge Review: American Airlines Admirals Club, San Francisco

Now that I'm all caught up on trip reports, it's time to turn my attention back to other posts in the hopper that I've been putting off.  Or in this case, more like forgotten.  I was in San Francisco almost exactly one year ago for US Airways' final flight, a redeye from SFO to ...

Airport Lounge Review: American Airlines Admirals Club, Tokyo Narita

Our way-too-short trip to Japan was coming to an end, and it was time to fly home.  Though an 11-hour flight in coach isn't something that's particularly worth looking forward to, my wife and I would at least be able to relax before the flight in the Admirals Club at Narita.  One of the ...

Airport Lounge Review: American Airlines Admirals Club PHL Terminal A West

After a decent flight from Dallas in US Airways-cum-American Domestic First, even with a slight delay, we still had a 5 hour, 8 minute layover in Philadelphia before our connecting flight to Paris (sort of, which I'll get to later).  Why such a long layover?  That's what I could get to ...

Alaska Airlines and American Airlines Expand Partnership

American Airlines and Alaska Airlines are deepening their partnership and cooperation on flights and mutual benefits for elite frequent flyers at the same time that Alaska Airlines and Delta Airlines partnership continues to deteriorate as Delta builds up a Seattle hub. This morning, Alaska Airlines ...

American Airlines Premium Lounge - Miami

American Airlines operates a slew of Admiral Clubs around the world with varying service levels. Domestic US clubs tend to offer barebones service offerings which include trail mix, cookies, bagels, olives, cheese, and fresh veggies depending on the time of day along with a mixture of cheap beer, ...

Phoenix US Airways Clubs Rebrand as Admirals Clubs

If the merger between US Airways and American wasn’t confusing enough for travelers hopping between the two airlines, things just became even more convoluted in Phoenix where US Airway clubs were rebranded as Admiral Clubs on Friday, October 10. The two airlines are still operating as two ...

American Airlines Admirals Club LAX Remote Terminal

American Airlines newest Admiral club near the remote American Eagle gates at LAX has finally opened and the small space is a great addition to the remote gates and an awesome petite but modern club which provides full services to AA top fliers and club members when flying and connecting on thinner ...
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Head to Head: Austin's American Admirals Club vs. United Club

I recently found myself in Austin, and a few days before my trip, Brad mentioned that he had an expiring American Airlines Admirals Club pass and wondered if anyone could use it. I said that if he had no other use for it, I'd use it to check out the Admirals Club in Austin. After all, I had never ...

Honolulu to New York Mileage Run

After arriving into Honolulu on my American Airlines mileage run, I wandered aimlessly through the open plan terminal looking for my next gate and club lounge. Along the way there is some great plane spotting as there are no windows clouding your view. I just wish I had brought my camera with me ...

Laguardia (LGA) Admirals Club

Along the windows are the typical club seats that you'd find at any Admirals Club. The unique part of the renovation added a larger open space in the middle of the lounge along with a revamped bar area.

The club is upstairs over the terminal and provides a nice view and decent plane ...

Lounge Review: Admirals Club at PHL

It is usually a bad sign when an airline's lounge is permanently closed. However, ever since AA closed its lounge at PHL and used British Airways lounge instead, this has become one of the best lounges in the system. The atmosphere, design and the amenities are simply amazing. The BA ...
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American Airlines First/Business Class - Denver to Barbados

Introduction American Airlines First/Business Class - Denver to Barbados Courtyard Marriott Bridgetown American Business Class - Barbados to Denver Despite living in Denver, I decided to spent the night at an airport hotel. My flight to Chicago was scheduled to depart at 6:00am, so I ...

Wonderful Customer Service from the AAngel at the Admirals Club in Toronto

One of the exciting things about traveling on the last day of a holiday is the various issues that can pop up.  I actually encountered one today when I wanted to get a 30 day Admirals Club pass when I entered the club in Toronto (With the amount of travel I have in the next month, a 30 day ...

Free Booze in the Admirals Club!

Free booze! Free booze! Free booze!
Well... not "free." You still have to pay for the Admirals Club membership, or for the premium ticket that gets you access to the club.
But the point is, people visiting Admirals Clubs will no longer have to pay for well drinks, wine, and ...

European Adventure Trip Report Part 3: Lounges at MEX

(This is Part 3 in a multipart trip report. For the background on this trip, check here.) 
We arrived at Mexico City at about 5am. Our outbound flight to Madrid wasn't until about noon. Though we flirted with the idea of heading into the city and coming back for our flight, we decided ...

A Response to Mike's Post on Admirals Club Snack Mix

[This is a response to Mike's post, which you can find by clicking here.]
First of all, the only good things in that snack mix are the sesame sticks.
Second, the snack mix is so loaded with sodium that if you eat a cupful or two before your flight, you'll arrive at your destination with ...

Long Awaited Improvement to Admirals Club Finally Here - Wasabi Peas!

Life is like a box of chocolates...or is it "Life is like a plastic cup of snack mix". We all know how pathetic the food offerings in the Admirals Club are and even the pay-for choices are meager at best. While other airline clubs continue to add amenities including free alcohol and decent snacks, the Admirals Club remains stagnant.

Well not anymore! 

As I walked up to the one-twisted-arm-bandit (as I like to call it), I was in for a big surprise. Wasabi Peas! When did they slip these little gems in there? I didn't receive an AAirmail about them, nor remember any tweets from @AdmiralsClub. When did you first find them? Did I miss them the last time? Write in below...



Day 6: Bogota + BOG-MEX-LAX on Mexicana in Elite Class

Day 0: Introduction: My quest for Machu Picchu and why I chose Mexicana + Avianca + LAN Peru
Day 1: Los Angeles to Bogota via Mexico City on Mexicana + Bogota to Lima on Avianca
Day 2: Lima to Cusco on LAN Peru + Cusco
Day 3: Cusco to Aguas Calientes on Peru Rail + Climbing Putucusi ...

Airline Club Membership Survey Results

After sending a distressed tweet on Twitter that I thought the Admirals Club was crazy for only serving cookies until 3pm on Sundays, I exchanged a few messages with @AdmiralsClub about the club offerings.  I replied something to the effect that the recent improvements in inflight service were ...