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Update on recent travels flying American


After a pretty miserable experience with United this year, after over 150,000 premier qualifying miles, I really didn't see the need to continue getting frustrated with their operational and many other issues.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have decided to explore my options for domestic ...


Is the Sky Blue-er on the other side: Testing US and DeltAA


I'd love to say "its not me, its you" and fully break up with United, but I don't feel like any US domestic airline is that much better than any other.  Although clearly United is at or very near the bottom.  With that in mind, I used a recent business trip to Los Angeles as a trial run ...


Act Fast - BA A380 Premium Class Award Space To/From IAD Available Now


If you're thinking about a trip to Europe next spring or summer, here's something to consider - it appears that BA has released a significant amount of premium class award space on its new-ish A380 service between Washington Dulles (IAD) and London Heathrow.  I stumbled on this quite by ...


Royal Jordanian Award Space Now Bookable on AA.com


American Airlines has added Royal Jordanian to the growing list of carriers that you can now redeem AAdvantage miles for online. RJ is a oneworld partner based in Amman that serves Chicago, Detroit, New York, and Montreal in North America and has an extensive route network throughout the Middle ...


A Rather Interesting AA Survey


Most of the time, I ignore the surveys that are sent to me because they take forever to complete, and I get nothing back for my time spent. However, I made an exception to complete one from AA since I want to know what they are planning for the "new" AAdvantage program, and I'm delight to ...

American Airline Reward Travel Zones


After yesterday’s post on American Air top use of AAdvantage miles and basic information regarding award tickets I thought it would be best to inform my readers of American Airlines travel zones. Each airline defines regions of the world different for miles consumption and it is ...


American Airline Awards: Best Use of Miles


With so many airlines merging and frequent flyer programs consistently changing, I thought I would provide my readers with my top 10 uses of American Air AAdvantage miles before the US/AA merger is completed. Little is still known about what changes will occur after the merger, but for now, here ...


Earn AAdvantage Miles on Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is busy getting ready to join the OneWorld Alliance with an entry date penciled in for late summer 2013. As the airline prepares to start cooperating with the 11 member alliance, there are a number of steps and hurdles the airline must overcome before completely integrating into the ...


Mileage Checking Accounts - Bonus Miles vs. Cost and Hassle

It's common knowledge that airline/hotel credit cards have huge bonuses and that's where you get the best head start for your mileage account.  Look at the British Airways Chase 100,000 Avios bonus for a great example.  If you use your BA Avios account for short US domestic redemptions ...

Qantas Flights now redeemable on AA.com

American'a Airlines AAdvantage program has been busy this year trying to advance itself in the market place and become the airline program of every business and leisure traveler's choice. From the Double Elite Qualifying miles on select routes to the OneWorld MegaDo and other unforgettable ...

Alaska Airlines Latest Destinations

My hometown airline is at it again and this time Alaska Air is adding the City of San Antonio, Texas to their domestic network with a once daily flight from Seattle to San Antonio. Alaska has been quickly growing in the mid-continental US over the last several years adding a number of flights ...

The Secret Story of American Airlines' AAirpass Program


When I am in California, the Los Angeles Times is a critical component of my breakfast each morning. This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find a fascinating article on American Airlines' fight against alleged abusers of their AAirpass program. The story is well worth ...


OneWorld MegaDO, Status Challenges Abound

Well, you have seen my recap of the Launch Party for the oneworld MegaDO, and if you are interested in oneworld, here is your chance to see what they offer.  While the details are pretty straightforward, I am going to talk about the challenges that the primary sponsors are offering for ...


Weekend With The Airlines: oneworld MegaDO Launch Party


I am posting this one out of order as the MegaDO is supposed to open for reservations before this article would be posted on the schedule of this post, and I wanted to give everyone a preview of the group before reservations start.

So after rushing from Family Day in SFO, a group of us ...

83,871 American Airlines AAdvantage Miles for $4.96?


While it appears this is a fleeting promotional error, AAdvantage Shopping is offering 83,871 miles for a $4.96 Palm® wireless phone charger through Verizon.

Simply follow this link, click on "Buy Now", login to your account or register for AAdvantage e-shopping if you have not ...


TSA to Test Expedited Screening for Select Frequent Fliers


I received an email from Delta today announcing the TSA test program for expedited
screening for frequent fliers launching this fall.  I hope this email means I’m on the list of Delta frequent fliers considered for this program, not just a mass email to all Medallion ...

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Earn and Burn American Airlines Miles on Etihad Airways

Award earning and redemption options just got a little better on American Airlines.

As of 01 June, American Airlines AAdvantage miles can be earned on most Etihad flights. Three notable exclusions are flights between Abu Dhabi and New York, Chicago, and Toronto--though these flights will ...