Update on Chase BA Visa Card 100k Deal

I signed up for this deal when it was offered back in May of this year.  I'm pleased to say everything has gone exactly to plan.  I received the first 50k roughly on my first statement date, and I received the second 50k with my second statement, when I reached the spending threshold.  The card gives 1.25 BA miles for each dollar spent, and 2.5 miles for each dollar spent on BA.

In August, I reached the $30k spend threshold (a little quicker than I was hoping, frankly!) required for the 2-for-1 miles voucher.  The voucher was deposited in my BA miles account electronically within a few days of reaching the spend requirement.  This is one promo that I can say has gone exactly as advertised.

If you're not familiar with this, the Chase BA card includes a 2-for-1 voucher which gets you a companion ticket on award tickets - basically doubling the value of your miles!  When using the voucher, your itinerary must only be on BA metal, and you still have to pay the taxes and BA's generous fuel surcharge on the companion ticket, but it remains a great deal.  This is one of the few double-your-miles deals out there.

The voucher itself is valid for two years.  Sadly, you can only earn one a year...$60k in spend doesn't get you a second voucher (I called and asked - twice).  However, because the vouchers are good for two years, you could wait a year till next year's voucher, then travel as a family of four (2 using miles+taxes/fees, 2 on taxes/fees only)!  That may just be my plan.

Beyond these benefits, BA points can also be used for travel on all OneWorld partners, including American, Cathay, Qantas, JAL and others.

Since I've gotten the card, two developments have come about - both of which are very positive for me.

BA is re-calibrating their award chart.  Usually this makes the average mile junkie shutter with fear.  While some partner travel (ie: JFK-HKG on CX) is likely to go up, BA is actually lowering the miles required to fly from New York to London - by 20%!  I can't think of any other instance where a carrier lowered miles required for trans-oceanic travel by such a material amount.  Whereas First Class on this route was 150,000 miles under the old table, it will be only 120,000 miles when the changes come in to effect later this year.  So, for me, who will use this as the likely redemption, it's now 120,000 miles plus about $1,500 in taxes and fees for two First Class tickets to London.  At present, BA has what is unequivocally the best award availability to London from New York of any carrier.  Perhaps the fuel surcharges keep people away, but I've seen plenty of flights with 6 or more First Class seats available for award seats on BA.  For those based on the west coast, the miles to London will remain unchanged.

The other benefit that Chase has added to the card is a special dining credit at any Michelin-starred restaurant in New York City.  The credit is $50 per visit (capped at the amount of your bill), and up to two credits total per account - or $100 total.  Those are two meals I would otherwise have...so this is a nice savings...and more fun than Amex's $100 Global Entry credit!  The program is advertised as only being good until the end of the year; I'm not sure if it will be continued.  This benefit completely offsets the card's annual fee ($95)...rare for a miles card.  Details of the dining credit are here: http://www.britishairways.com/travel/chase-visa-dining/public/en_us

The 100k offer has expired, but they are still offering a 50k mile sign up bonus for the card.  The current application is found here:  https://www.britishairways.com/travel/creditcards/public/en_us

I've watched this card since 2004, and already regret waiting till 2011 to actually get it.