Next Seven Days - Two Trips: Ft Lauderdale and Seattle

I have two trips coming up over the next seven days:

I'm giving my wife a reverse get-away - I'm taking the kids down to Ft Lauderdale this weekend for the long weekend, leaving my wife to relax home alone.  I'll be staying at the W Fort Lauderdale and dining at 954 again.  I reviewed the hotel and restaurant in May of this year.  /sitinfirst/quick-review-w-hotel-ft-lauderdale-fll-better-than-youd-expect.html  I'm putting my money where my mouth is, and going back.  I am looking forward to my stay.  I'll try to get some pictures of 954, and hopefully some more of the glass tunnel into the pool!

Then, next week, I've got another mid-week one-day trip out to Seattle.  This time, regrettably, I'm on the red-eye coming home.  Domestic red-eyes, even in front, really muck up my internal clock.  Something is going on in Seattle next week, and essentially every respectable hotel in town was fully committed.  Thankfully, I participated in the Lifetime Fairmont Platinum error deal on LivingSocial earlier this year, and with that status, was able to get a guaranteed room at the Fairmont Olympic, even though the hotel was full.  I don't arrive until 11pm, but I'm confident they'll walk someone else instead of me.  Though my Fairmont stays are infrequent, their Platinum card continues to prove valuable.

I haven't stayed at the Olympic since [1997], when it was flagged as a Four Seasons.  I remember it as one of the nicest grande dame hotels in the US.  I hope my memory isn't too rose tinted...I'll definitely post a report on my stay.  I will definitely take Seattle's Light Rail to and from the airport!  

Have a great weekend!