New Delta SkyClub at Seattle Tacoma (SeaTac) Airport

Earlier this week, I paid a quick visit to the new Delta SkyClub at SeaTac Airport in Seattle.  The lounge was a big improvement from the legacy Northwest Club at SeaTac, though this new location is nothing over the top.

The lounge is located in the South Satellite, upstairs from where the old Northwest Club was located.  You can take stairs or an elevator to access the lounge.  (The BA lounge is also upstairs.)

The new SkyClub has significantly more seating than the old club, which was much needed.  A bunch of the seating is set up with high-sided seats that are seen at some Delta locations - they offer a high degree of privacy.  There were also plenty of seating areas without the high sides, as well as long countertop areas with stool seating.    Power outlets were plentiful, and appeared to be at almost every seat.  Nearly every seat had access to a small (or not so small) side table.  The high-sided chairs had a small tear-drop table attached to them.

There was a small "quiet room" which had 8 leather seats, each with an ottoman.  The room, however, still had a very strong smell from either the carpet or the curtain-like wall covering.  I would have sat in the quiet room, but the smell really put me off when I walked in and I left the room.

The bar has Budwiser in bottles, and Bud Light, Heineken and a northwest beer on tap.  They have a moderate selection of liquors, and a number of wines.  They had the usual assortment of Delta snacks (olives, hummus, carrots, etc).  I've read some posts which suggest the club has some addition food offerings (due to local liquor laws); I didn't see anything out of the ordinary for a Delta club - but perhaps it is only available on request.

The washroom was quite contemporary, and had shower facilities (one for men, one for women).  I was ready to snap a few pictures, but then people walked no pictures of the loo.

I visited the club around 12:30pm, and there were dirty plates and glasses on many tables.  Indeed, while there were a dozen spots open to sit, none were actually clean.  I pushed some of the prior guests' dirties aside to clear a spot for me to place my drink and snack.  I find many domestic airline clubs to be light on cleaning staff, and this one was no exception.  It is a shame to have such a nice new lounge, then leave it understaffed as to cleaners.

Below are some photographs of the club.

The new  Delta club at Seattle is a basically a standard SkyClub.  It is a big improvement from the old NWA facilities (though I still have fond memories of the old Crown Room upstairs in the A concourse!) and if you have access, will be a welcome respite from the terminal below.


Lots of dirties!



View from the Club - Lufthansa and IcelandAir!


Quiet room visible in background


Entrance to BA Terraces Lounge (Next Door)



I stopped at this lounge again earlier this week and have a few extra photos to share.

While I was there, I noticed Delta has also started offering "premium" drinks for roughly $10 at this club (as they are at most SkyClubs now).  Seems silly to me, except perhaps if you get a particular alcohol straight up.  Their "well" bottles are not half bad, the upcharge seems like a waste for any sort of mixed drink.

I also noticed two bottles of Dom Perignon in their fridge.  I did a double-take when I saw that - perhaps Cathay is using this as a shared lounge?  (Ha!  CX does not operate at SEA.)  I saw DP listed on the menu at $199 a bottle.  Depending on the year, that is not a bad bar price for DP...but seriously, how many people are going to buy DP at a SkyClub?  I've bought DP at many a venue - but somehow the SkyClub (even this very nice SkyClub) just doesn't seem like the right place.  Maybe if you just sold your company to Microsoft for half a billion dollars...but in that case, you should be in the general aviation terminal!

High Stool Seating

Expanding Seating Areas

The Bar

My "Platinum Medallion" Dinner!