Hello Upgrd!

Hello!  This is my first post since porting my blog, SitInFirst, into Upgrd.  I'm excited to be part of a group of diverse and capable writers who enjoy travel.

I post under the handle NYBanker on MilePoint and FlyerTalk, and you can find me on Twitter @sitinfirst.

I've got a couple of more years on me than many of the other writers on this site, and my travel patterns vary from many of theirs, too.  Much of my work travel is international (thankfully in a premium cabin), so you'll see me report on some interesting and farther afield ports-of-call.  I also travel with my family (wife, kids 8 and 6) several times a year.  In the last six months, we've been out to Kona and over to Paris.  Family trips booked for later this year include Prince Edward Island (Canada) and Abu Dhabi and Dubai (over Christmas).  The trips with the kids make some of the more interesting reports, IMHO.  Work trips will take me to Asia, Europe and potentially the Gulf, as well as some domestic travel.

My travel experiences certainly vary with and without the family.  What is consistent, however, is how much I value efficient and comfortable travel.  

I have a few reports in the queue:

  1. Finishing up an Asian roadshow from May, with a last stop at the Tokyo Park Hyatt.
  2. A quick trip to Beijing (Air China Business Class, Beijing Peninsula)
  3. A west coast marathon (LAX/SNA/SFO/LAS), including the aging Mark Hopkins.
I'll do my best to share my experiences with you as candidly and factually as possible.  I won't try to sell you any credit cards for a referral bonus (though I may point out card opportunities that are compelling).  I look at a lot of things in life a little differently than others - travel is no exception.  I hope the perspectives that I share will be helpful to you.  I will have some gift give-aways to share over the coming weeks, too!

I welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have.


Mike July 2, 2012 at 08:38 am

Welcome to the site Tom! We're excited to have you join us.

And for those of you who haven't seen Tom's blog before, I'd encourage you to browse through his previous posts. Lots of great content with some amazing trip reports and photos.

Congrats on your move. Enjoy reading your blog, especially luxury hotel reviews. Your article, "Our Approach to Paris with Kids" was awesome - visit a park so the kids can interact with local kids, burn energy and give adults an opportunity to chat.

Welcome to UPGRD.com NYBanker. It is great to have you onboard!

David July 2, 2012 at 03:55 pm

I like the detail that your trip reports go into...very helpful stuff. Especially the content with traveling with > 2 people.