Frankfurt’s SKY Lounge (Not the Sky Club!)

Earlier this month, I flew from JFK to FRA on Delta in their business class cabin.  Having to turn up for meetings a little while after arrival, I needed to find a lounge at the airport that I could access for a quick shower and bite to eat.

Delta used to operate a Crown Room at FRA, but no longer do.  Delta’s former lounge space has been taken over by a third party that now operates a “Sky Lounge” in the space.  (This is not to be confused with Delta-operated “Sky Clubs.”)  The Sky Lounge is open to passengers from a number of carriers, as well as Diners Club cardholders and Priority Pass members.  A daily fee option is available, too.  They appeared to have strict length-of-stay limitations for daily fee payers.

The lounge is located near gate D8 in the non-Schengen area of Terminal 2.  It is open to both arriving and departing passengers.  For those arriving, you visit the lounge before you clear customs/immigration and before you reclaim your luggage.

The lounge still has all the look and feel of a late-90s / early-00s vintage Delta Crown Room.  In front of reception, set in the tile, is the “Service From the Heart” message.  Much of the glassware still has the old Crown Room logo on it and some signage in the lounge still reflects “Delta Air Lines.”

The lounge was quite large, and I wonder what Delta was thinking building such a lounge.  I can’t recall their Frankfurt schedule ever being robust enough to warrant a space of this size.  It is so large that the current operator has even walled off part of the lounge.

Walled off section of lounge

The showers are in the walled off area, and you need to be escorted back to the showers by an attendant.  The shower rooms were clean, and appeared to be little used.  Unfortunately, the drain in my shower wasn’t working so well, so my shower was limited in length as the basin in the bottom of the shower was on the verge of overflowing.  :(  Unlike BA’s LHR arrivals complex, no pressing services were available.

The food was good by Delta lounge standards, but certainly below the standards of most non-US lounges.

Wifi was free and reasonably fast.

While in no way an aspirational lounge, if you need to clean up upon arrival at FRA, this is a good one to keep in mind.

Frankfurt Sky Lounge
Telephone: +49 69 690 72764