Fairmont Presidents Club - Keeps on Giving!

Wow.  I participated in the LivingSocial deal last year that offered lifetime Platinum membership in the Fairmont President's Club when you paid $2k for a night in the Presidential Suite at the SF Fairmont.  (Of course, I also did the conga buy-down, bringing my cost to $1,500, too!)  What a great deal this has turned out to be.  Assuming it lasts another 7 or so years (hopefully longer), this will be one of the best deals I've ever partaken in.

The night in the Presidential Suite at the SF Fairmont was great.  The room was on the top level of guest rooms (just below their "Sky Club" penthouse dining room), pushed 1,500 square feet and offered 270-degree+ views of one of my favorite cities in the world.

View from the Presidential Suite

What's proving even better are the ongoing benefits (which I hope to enjoy for a lifetime):

  • I had a trip to Seattle last year.  There was some sort of Microsoft developers conference underway, and there was not a room to be had (at any price point) within 50 miles of the city.  Using my guaranteed booking rights, I was able to secure a room at a sold out hotel in a sold out city.  As luck would have it, they upgraded me to a full one bedroom suite, too (without using any upgrade coupons).
  • I received a coupon for a free night at any property, which I couldn't use.  I gave that away, plus a confirmed suite upgrade, to someone dear.  Though their stay was at the Toronto property (the worst in the Fairmont system), they still enjoyed a great - and completely free - night in a full suite.
  • I have my anniversary weekend booked this year at the Plaza, using another free night certificate.

Then, a few weeks ago, Fairmont offered me, via email, to pick four gifts from a menu of ten or so "passions."  Those items arrived today:

  • a hotel-style thick bathrobe for my wife
  • a childsize robe for my daughter
  • a chef's hat and apron for my son
  • a certificate for 50 free song downloads from EMI

Fairmont Gifts

They also send a nice, leather-bound notebook each year.  I keep it on my desk, and find it to be just the right size to note things down from calls when necessary.

Regrettably, I've only stayed at one or two Fairmont properties since the lifetime Platinum offer came about.  I wish they had properties in more cities that I visit.  (Shh!  In a few weeks, I'm going to SFO - but this time have to stay at the IC Mark Hopkins!  Right across the street from the Fairmont.  At least I've got a Royal Ambassador card for the IC-MH.)

I know Fairmont had to make a tough call to honor the offer or not - I'm glad they did - and I tell people whenever appropriate about what a stand-up organization Fairmont has been.  I really appreciate the way they treat their top elites - and go out of my way to stay at Fairmont properties whenever possible.