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AA brings out its A-game at LGA!

In the annals of business travel, few phrases are found less often than "I had a very pleasant experience at LaGuardia airport."

This might start to change with AA's new...


A Most Virtuous Connection at LAX

Admit it.  How often have you done it?  You have a couple of hour connection between flights and all you end up doing is having a few drinks – and then some snac...


New York's Plaza Hotel

Overview: Far improved versus its pre-renovation state, not at a luxury level, but not bad Strengths: Location, room size, décor (depending on taste) Drawbacks: Lots of n...


Sherwood Hotel Taipei

Overview: A solid near-luxury business hotelStrengths: Decor, breakfast, serviceDrawbacks: Beds 

This was my third visit to Taipei this year, and ...


2012 Round-the-World: Conclusion

What my 16 prior installments from this trip report didn’t show were the countless meetings I went to in each city.

While I get to sit in the front (or middle) of ...

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