2012 Round-the-World: Conclusion

What my 16 prior installments from this trip report didn’t show were the countless meetings I went to in each city.

While I get to sit in the front (or middle) of the plane, stay at the nicest hotels and have a driver at my disposal in each city, the bulk of this trip (like nearly all of my work trips) was spent in one-on-one meetings with investors – trying to convince them to invest with us.  Often, the meeting rooms are small and/or hot.  Sometimes, language is a barrier.  And, I’m traveling with a client money manager the entire time – and while we’re friends, I like to make him feel like the client.

The trip was very tiring – but I’m pleased to say it was very successful.  Many of the meetings have proven to be fruitful.  So much so that I went back (this time with my boss) about a month later!  (Sort of a double-edged sword!)

The travel portion of the trip was great:

I stayed at four truly memorable properties (including what I would rank as some of the top city hotels in the world)

Flew two new carriers

Visited two new countries

  • Malaysia
  • Thailand

And had a few other travel firsts/lasts

I’m fortunate that I love what I do – and that it affords me the opportunity to travel the world – comfortably – and meet new people everywhere I go.  It is true that I typically don’t get to experience much in the way of true local culture (shuttling between meeting rooms, western hotels and airports), but I certainly get a flavor.  I always engage the driver as to the local goings-on and make notes for future leisure visits (or determine I’d rather not make a leisure visit!).

I always compliment the city I’m in during my meetings.  This is nearly always greeted with “you should definitely visit X before you go.”  While I’ve not visited too many of those spots yet, I’m building a little treasury of local knowledge.

* * * * *

I’ve recently changed firms so my travel schedule will be a bit quieter over the coming months.  Five trips to Asia this year have taken a lot out of me!  I’ll be largely staying onshore until my upcoming Christmas holiday in the desert.

I suspect there will be even more interesting travel to report on in my new seat during the course of 2013!

* * * * *

As always, I welcome any questions, comments or criticisms that you may have.