Welcome to The Crew Room!

There's been some exciting things going on behind the scenes here at UPGRD! You all may know me from The Crew Lounge, but I'm also a blogger here on UPGRD.com. What? What's that you say? I'm not a blogger here?  Yes, I am! Take a look at the post I did, “Brace for Impact.” Ok, so it's my only one...and it was over a year ago. But, that's all about to change! I'm setting up The Crew Room right here on UPGRD.com. You'll now be able to find and follow your favorite flight attendant bloggers right here! Let me introduce you to our newest crew members:

Jenn, a favorite of The Crew Lounge is an international flight attendant for a Canadian carrier. On her blog, “Flight Attendant on a Dime” she will be taking us on her layovers through Europe promising cheap, but delicious eats and savvy shopping.

Grace, a US based flight attendant who notices the details. Her blog, “Gracing the Skies” will give us insight to all things design in the airline world. Whether it the liveries themselves or the ads placed in the airport, she has an eye for the aesthetics.

Seiko, a commercial flight attendant turned corporate has a whole new life ahead of her! The difference between flying for a major US carrier and a private company is night and day and Seiko will take us through her transition on her blog, “Thoughts from the Sky.”

Gabrielle, A pilot at a young age, turned flight attendant (once the youngest at her airline) to get her feet wet in the industry. Join her on her journey to becoming a commercial airline pilot. Gabrielle's enthusiasm shines through on her blog “Broadening My Horizons!” You can also listen in on her podcast Hangar Flying.

Saul, A corporate pilot lets us in on how the other half lives. Imagine showing up at the airport and being on your way, as in up in the air within ten minutes of your arrival. And, someone carrying your bags for you! Come along with Saul around Europe as he jets folks around on private chartered planes on his blog, “You Can't be Cirrus.”

I am so happy to have these flight attendants on board, and we're not done! We're still in the recruiting process and have some great prospects lined up! We're looking to add a reserve flight attendants perspective, a great photographer, a fitness and health expert for on the road advice and much more!

Stay tuned and welcome to The Crew Room here on UPGRD.com!