The Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt- The Journey the Destination

After my flight on the new Lufthansa 747-8i in First Class, I arrived in Frankfurt with about 6 hours until my A380 flight to Tokyo.  I could have stayed air side in the very nice First Class lounges in Frankfurt, but since I just got off a long haul flight, and had an even longer flight coming up, I decided to get some fresh air, and head to the wonderful Lufthansa First Class Terminal.   


Ground level entry to terminal after walking from my arrival gate


I won't discuss my visit in great detail, since Matthew's past review which I linked above still stands as a very thorough tour.  

Due to lack of sleep on the relatively short trans-Atlantic flight from Washington Dulles, I would have liked to nap, but avoided it in trying to get adapted to the clock-flipping time change once I arrived in Japan.  Thankfully, there is plenty to do to stay occupied when in the FCT.  


I started with a shower to freshen up after the redeye, and yes, I made the special request for a Lufthansa First Class duck, since I missed this last time I visited.  Oddly, after more than a month, my dog just noticed the duck, and now thinks its a toy for him to play with.   


After getting cleaned up, I spent some time relaxing in the lounge.  I particularly enjoyed the massage chairs.  They have various massage and rocking functions, and even play some soothing music. They were quite nice, and I would highly recommend them.  They would be nice for a short nap.  Keep in mind there are also sleeping rooms if so desired.  



Eventually I decided to have some food.  I discovered that had just switched to lunch selections.  The breakfast options in the FCT are great, but I just had breakfast on board my flight, so I wasn't ready to eat right away.


I started with a smoothie:


Then looked over the menu for something more substantial.


I was my usual indecisive self, particularly since I had another big meal coming up on my next flight.  The waiter recommended the Wiener Schnitzel, and I've heard good things about this from others.  Its not really something I'd typically order, but I'm also not dining in high end restaurants on a daily basis.  I was on vacation, so why not indulge.


It was excellent.  


One nice thing about this terminal, is the personal assistant that greets you upon entry also escorts you downstairs to the waiting vehicles to take you to your flight before departure.  They'll let you know when you need to depart, so there is one less thing to worry about while enjoying your time in the terminal.  

I was escorted downstairs, my passport was stamped, and then climbed into a Mercedes S-class sedan for our ride across the tarmac to the A380 taking me to Narita. This is a neat experience, with great views.  I even got to see the 747-8i that I took from Dulles on the way while it was getting towed to the departure gate for its flight back to Washington.  



The photo below shows the various modes of transportation I took to and from Frankfurt.  The 747-8i I rode from Dulles, the S-Class Mercedes from the FCT, and the left wing of the A380 I would be taking to Tokyo.  





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