Thai Airways between Bangkok and Chiang Rai - The Journey the Destination


Similar to my United domestic first class legs at the beginning of the trip, I had 2 Thailand domestic flights in business class between Bangkok and Chiang Rai.  Everything else on this ticket was in International First Class.

When I booked this, one way was on an A300, and the return on a A330.  They also have some narrowbody Airbus on this route, but I tried to avoid that.  Thai is known for their frequent schedule changes.  Ultimately both legs were served by the old A300, which while old, was perfectly fine for the short route.

Prior to these Thai domestic flights, I flew Thai Royal First Class from Tokyo Narita to Bangkok.  I also stayed one night at the Park Plaza Soi 18 to pick up 50,000 Club Carlson points.  I caught a cab ride back to Suvarnabhumi airport to catch my morning flight to Chiang Rai.  The morning traffic was not an issue, but it was the first time I can recall my driver stopping mid fare to find a bathroom.

I used the airport held luggage service so I could travel a little lighter for my time in Thailand.  With the various amenity kits and pajamas on previous flights my baggage was getting a little bit overstuffed to carry on.  One less bag allowed for easier transit experience.  I headed through security and onward to the domestic departure wing of the airport.  

I had a brief visit to the domestic Thai Royal Silk lounge to get a light breakfast and catch up on newspaper headlines.  


BKK Domestic Royal Silk lounge

Royal Silk Lounge near gates for domestic departures (Photo from Flickr)

I then walked a short distance to my departure gate.  I enjoy the architecture at BKK airport:


Boarding the A300 for Chiang Rai was a bit of a scrum, even though I was in business class, since it seemed like everyone boarded at once.  That wasn't really a problem since neither cabin was more than half full, so we boarded quickly.

Onboard service was polite, although brief, since the flight time is less than an hour.  Newspapers and pre-departure beverages were offered.  Once we leveled off a small meal was served.


morning snack on BKK-CEI


The food was fine, and plenty for a short flight.  Along with the snack tray, cold drinks were offered along with tea or coffee.  


Dated purple upholstered business class recliners on the A300



Unique designs on the side wall of the A300.

There is also a very small Thai Royal Silk lounge at the Chiang Rai airport. As I mentioned in my previous report, spent much of my time before the return flight getting a foot massage, but I did pop in to the lounge to have a beer and some instant noodles before boarding.

The return flight was very similar.  Same aircraft type, but now an evening flight versus the morning departure.  The snack was some spring rolls and a muffin.  I did eat the meal, but I don't remember much of the rest of the flight since I slept.  Visiting 3 countries in one day can get tiring, it would seem.


evening snack on return CEI-BKK

After arrival back at BKK, I again headed to the Taxi stand, to get a ride to my hotel.  This time I stayed at the Royal Orchid Sheraton.  

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