Southern coastal view - Photo Flashback

This photo is another from a past trip that has brought back many memories of my experiences.  

This one is probably difficult to guess, but here are some clues:  This photo was taken near the second largest city on the southern coast of this divided country. It is a major port, and for a time served as a temporary national capital.  It is sometimes called the summer capital due to its many beaches.  



Where was this photo taken, what is this place called, and what is the story behind this unique location?

Have you visited there?



This is a view from near Pusan, South Korea.  Correctly guessed.  

I visited here just briefly on a business trip several years ago.  I took the high speed train from Seoul, had some meetings, took in the above view, then flew back to Seoul Gimpo airport.  


This is part of a "photo flashback" series of photos I'm sharing from my travels through the years. I hope readers will enjoy the 'tour' as much as I have enjoyed reminiscing about the trip where I took this photo.


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Alex May 11, 2013 at 06:46 pm

Ok, I'll bite: Pusan, South Korea

Hoang tran May 12, 2013 at 01:55 am

That's an Pusan (busan) South Korea. It's might in the tip of geoje island . The South Korean built a huge bridge tunnel complex.

Never been to Pusan , but to Seoul .

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