Soap at Hyatt Hotels - Anything but White Ginger

When you hear (or smell) Portico White Ginger, what do you think of?  


I am a frequent Hyatt guest, and am more than a little sick of that foul aroma, which is the standard offering for bathroom amenities at most Hyatt and Hyatt Place hotels.  Other Hyatt brands including resorts have different (and in my opinion, generally rather nice) products.  I know not everyone dislikes the White Ginger, but I'm happy to hear that it is finally going away.  Mere mention of matters like this are the ultimate example of #firstworldproblems, but I'll guess I'll chalk this up to blog research.  

I've read a few places about new bathroom amenities rolling out on December 1.  I've had several Hyatt stays this month, so I was hoping to try out the new products, but I have thus far not seen them.  

My first Hyatt stay in December was on the 13th, and I was disappointed to see the old white ginger amenities were still present in the bathroom. I got in contact with the Hyatt twitter team trying to clarify the situation with these amenities.  Of course, the type of shampoo in a hotel really doesn't matter, and I can (and often do) bring my own, but I'm just reporting my experiences.  Disdain for White Ginger is a somewhat common topic among Hyatt regulars I've spoken to.


I have long disliked white ginger, so I was excited to try the new products.  The information provided by the Twitter team differs slightly from what was posted in the linked articles, both of which reference this article from the WSJ's Middle Seat column which states the KenetMD is going to be rolled out to Hyatt Regency hotels.  

I checked in at a Hyatt Regency again this week, and after making a request for the new products via twitter, my bathroom was stocked with this:


Its not the new amenities, but the Quince-Bergamot scent is quite nice in my opinion.  It seems that this is an alternative offering that is available upon request.

I'm still hoping to try out the new amenities, but even in mid-December, there must be a large stock of White Ginger to burn through at many properties.  I guess it will have to wait until next year, as I have no more planned stays in 2012.


Have you had seen the new Hyatt amenities?  Are they an improvement?  Do you feel as strongly about bathroom amenities as I apparently do?  Share your thoughts below.


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I've not seen the new amenities domestically (I did have June Jacobs at the GH HKG & SIN), but I have no problem with white ginger. I guess I'm in the minority :D

I would love to see Blaise Mautin at more properties. I love the smell of it!


Dave December 20, 2012 at 08:09 am

Would you like a little cheese with your whine? LOL!

Mike December 20, 2012 at 11:25 am

I know Dave thinks we're being ridiculous, but that shampoo stinks! And I'm not bringing my own shampoo just on the trips I have a Hyatt stay booked. Every other hotel, at the prices Hyatt charges, provide a non-offensive shampoo. I'm glad to see Hyatt finally making this change.

DaninSTL December 22, 2012 at 09:27 am

I like the white ginger and also the bumpy soaps at Hyatt. I just wish they would build more Hyatt place hotels in Illinois and Missouri where I travel the most to that level of hotel.

The Quince and Bergamot stuff is much nicer than White Ginger. And, in all full service Hyatts, they will generally fulfill requests to have your room stocked with Quince & Bergamot instead of the White Ginger. IIRC from the announcement, you should still be able to find Blaise Mautin at Park Hyatts. They'll also have a product called June Jacobs at the Grand Hyatts. I was actually part of a group of Hyatt customers that tested the amenities and I preferred the June Jacobs to the Kenet MD.

Wasabi March 6, 2014 at 11:10 pm

I travel 90% of the year, and 100% of the time in various Hyatts all over the US. While I've never tried the old Portico products, I'm not a fan of the KennetMD brand, particularly of the body lotion as it has two different forms of alcohol on the ingredients list, which ends up just drying my skin out more than it helps; frustrating when you consider the purpose of lotion. The Jun Jacobs stuff at the Grands seems to be a bit better in my experience.

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