Shark!!! - Photo Flashback


This photo is another from a past trip that has brought back a flood of memories of my experiences.

This isn't as unique as some other photos I have posted, but its certainly not something one would expect to see when visiting this location.  The water surrounding this photo is an iconic part of the city where it is located.  It is an incredible place to visit, although this photo really doesn't do it justice.  




Where was this photo taken, what is this called, and what is the story behind this unique location?

Have you visited there?

This is part of a "photo flashback" series of photos I'm sharing from my travels through the years. I hope readers will enjoy the 'tour' as much as I have enjoyed reminiscing about the trip where I took this photo.


This photo shows the River City Shopping Complex adjacent to the Royal Orchid Sheraton on the Chao Praya River in Bangkok.  There is this "shark" prop with a bench to allow for some unique photo opportunities.  


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