Air New Zealand's newest safety video featuring hobbits and others

Air New Zealand continues to flex their creativity with their unique safety videos.  I had the opportunity to see the horrific Richard Simmons video on my flight on Air New Zealand between Christchurch and Melbourne.

Their newest video is Hobbit themed, with Peter Jackson's next cinematic take on JRR Tolkien's works.  There was some filming going on when I was visiting New Zealand last year, and as the release date of these movies approaches, clearly Air New Zealand Air Middle Earth is working to cross promote.

Even if you don't like The Hobbit, take a listen to the video for the lovely kiwi accents.


What do you think of Air New Zealand's latest safety video? 


Hat tip to AusBT


Much better than the Richard Simmons video. I think I was ready to rip out my hair after seeing that video for the first time :eek:


I really liked this video. Air NZ really wins points for cleverness.

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