Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class between Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur


I had one last leg remaining on the award ticket for my outbound journey.  I was connecting to Kuala Lumpur where I would spend my first night in a bed after 2 nights in a row sleeping on planes.

Thai Airways A330-300 like I rode between Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. Photo credit: Flickr

Because I am a geek, and now was traveling alone ...

Thai Airways Royal First Class on the Airbus A380 Frankfurt to Bangkok


After a less than smooth transit experience in Frankfurt, I was excited to try out the new flagship of Thai's fleet, the A380.  Lots of purple as expected, but the Royal First Class seat was a great way to travel.

Thai Airways Royal First Class Suite on the Airbus A380

I've flown Thai First class before, but ...

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Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Munich then transiting Frankfurt


After my excellent Lufthansa flight from Toronto, I had a few hours in Munich before continuing to Frankfurt and beyond.  I planned spend the layover in the Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Munich, which I could access as a passenger arriving on Lufthansa in First Class with an onward flight.  


Munich First Class Lounge Entry - Photo ...

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Now You're Flying - Newest commercial from Virgin Australia

Despite living nearly 10,000 miles from Australia, I kind of keep tabs on Virgin Australia.  I had good experiences on the few occasions I have flown with them, and I hope to again.  I am a fan of good advertising especially airline commercials.  As part of the Virgin Group, style is front and center of everything, but in my experiences with the Australian brand, there is ...

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First Class all to myself: Lufthansa Inaugural Toronto to Munich


Hello Lufthansa First Class, it is nice to see you again.  For this flight from Toronto to Munich, I'd have the Airbus 330-300  First Class cabin to myself.  Score!


Lufthansa A330-300 First Class Cabin

Note: getting this posted has been delayed by a major event in my life, the birth of ...

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Turkish Airlines Elite packet has arrived, also 2 years of domestic lounges


After letting my United Club membership lapse, I've had a few trips without club access.  In most cases, I really didn't miss it.  Now that my Turkish Airlines status match has been approved, and I received my card, I again have the option for access when traveling domestically.

I have been weighing my options for a while, and even reached out to my readers for ...

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Air Canada to Toronto and the Maple Leaf Lounge before departure


My next trip report series is about a recent whirlwind trip around the world I took.  It was a Star Alliance First Class award using United miles (at pre-devaluation rates, 135,000 miles), but I didn't have a single United flight so that in itself is a win.  It was a fun mix of new destinations, new routes and product, plus some familiar pieces as well.  The ultimate destination ...

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The Andaz Peninsula Papagayo, a Review of Paradise in Costa Rica


My wife and I recently visited the Andaz Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica.  It is a lovely new hotel in a beautiful part of the world.  Here is my review.

The reception area of the Andaz Peninsula Papagayo.  Photo credit:


It's already been almost 2 months since our trip to ...

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One Million Miles on United


I ended 2013 with about 910,000 lifetime miles on United.  Despite countless issues with United, one of my goals for this year was to get over the million mile mark since I was so close.  I've done more flying this year than I originally expected, so I hit 1MM on August 1.

I now have lifetime Gold ...

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The Concourse Hotel at LAX: Frequently Asked Questions



There seems to be some questions about The Concourse Hotel at LAX here and elsewhere.  In addition to answering a few of those, I stayed there again recently and have some more information to share.  

LAX sign near hotel via Flickr Creative Commons license

Since my first stay soon ...

The Concourse Hotel at LAX, now a Hyatt Affiliate


The Radisson at LAX airport has recently been rebranded as The Concourse Hotel at Los Angeles Airport and will eventually fall under the Hyatt flag. This property was originally built in the 1960s as a Hyatt and has been rebranded a few times.  

Nighttime view from the Concourse Hotel ...

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United Airlines: "Operational Difficulties"


Yep, another post about United's poor operational record.  This isn't the first time I've written about issues like this.  Nor is it the second, or the third, fourth, fifth or sixth instance.  

I believe it is better to laugh than to cry, and I was entertained by this, so I'll give due credit.  At least this time the delay was classified in an honest manner in the ...

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United 787 Dreamliner BusinessFirst from Lagos to Houston


After a great time in Ghana, and a long layover in Lagos airport, I finally was headed towards the gate for the flight back to the US.  

United from Lagos to Houston on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner



Boarding time was listed at 7:30pm for a 9:45 departure.  That seemed a bit ...

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Arik Air from Accra and lounge hopping during a long layover in Lagos


A short flight on a tired 737 built for AirTran then a nearly 12 hour layover in Lagos.  Not my best travel day, but I tried to make the most of it.  Due to limited flight options between Accra and Lagos, I ended up with along layover before my flights home. Like my outbound trip, I remained in transit in Lagos, so I'd be stuck in the airport.  I knew about this long layover ...

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Exploring history of the slave trade in Cape Coast, Ghana


Besides being in Ghana for the wedding, we wanted to do some local exploration.  Ghana does not have much of a developed tourism industry.  There are several worthy sites, one of them was rather close to where we were staying, so we hired a tro tro (minibus that functions similar to a taxi for more people) to take us there.  I'll talk more about transport options in my next ...

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Around the world in a week - preview of Germany, Malaysia, Cambodia, Costa Rica

I recently returned from another fun trip.  It really was 2 trips, and I'll provide a full report for each, but for now, while trying to settle back into work and finish up other reports here, I'll provide a preview of my trip thanks to some photos I posted to Instagram.

It was my last Star Alliance First Class reward with United miles booked before the ...

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A stay at the Ko-Sa Beach Resort, Cape Coast, Ghana


We had a long, but fun road trip from Accra, and we finally made it to our destination and the site of the wedding, the Ko-Sa Beach resort.  This is unlike any other beach resort I've been to, much more simple but perfectly nice, and rooms are less than $70 per night even for their best rooms.  It is definitely not over the top, and its not hard to forget you are in a remote spot in ...

Road trip from Accra to Cape Coast in a van


It is maybe 100 miles from our hotel in Accra to where we were staying for the wedding, but due to heavy traffic getting out of town, and along the way, it took several hours to cover that distance.  A big portion of the wedding party and guests traveled together to the site of the wedding, on the beach at a resort near Cape Coast.  We were all packed into a van.  It was a fun ...

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