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50,000 Club Carlson points at the Park Plaza Bangkok - The Journey the Destination

Park Plaza Bangkok Soi 18



After I made arrangements for my flight from Tokyo to Bangkok in Thai First Class, I needed a hotel in Bangkok since I was arriving after the last flight of the day to Chiang Rai.  This wasn't an ideal situation, but I got to have a nice in flight experience from Tokyo, which made it worthwhile.  I could have stayed closer to the airport, but ...

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Air New Zealand's newest safety video featuring hobbits and others

Air New Zealand continues to flex their creativity with their unique safety videos.  I had the opportunity to see the horrific Richard Simmons video on my flight on Air New Zealand between Christchurch and Melbourne.

Their newest video is Hobbit themed, with Peter Jackson's next cinematic take on JRR Tolkien's works.  There was some filming going on when I was visiting New ...

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Rain Gutters - Photo Flashback


This photo is another from a past trip that has brought back a flood of memories of my experiences.

  I was exploring this old city when I came across this very modern (and musical) solution to dealing  with rainwater...    

Where was this photo taken, and what is the story behind this unique location? 


Have you visited ...
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The ANA Suites Lounge Narita Satellite 4 - The Journey the Destination



After leaving the Park Hyatt Tokyo, I headed back to Narita airport to catch my flights to the next leg of my journey, onward to Thailand.  I took a Limousine bus directly from the Park Hyatt to Terminal 1 at Narita.  I've always enjoyed my visits to Narita airport, such a diverse collection of carriers, and a well organized and easy airport to navigate. ...

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Cliffs to the water - Photo Flashback

potw5This photo is another from a past trip that has brought back a flood of memories of my experiences.   This area is more than 2000 miles from Washington DC, but is still on US soil. The views here are  beautiful, and there is significant history as well.  



Where was this photo taken, and what is the story behind this unique ...
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A Park View King at the Park Hyatt Tokyo - The Journey the Destination


The next stop on my trip was a return to Tokyo.  This time, I decided to splurge on one of my most anticipated hotels ever.  Like many people, ever since seeing Lost in Translation, I wanted to visit the Park Hyatt Tokyo for myself.  Despite my attempts to keep this whole trip on a relatively lean budget, I decided to splurge for this one night in Tokyo. ...

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Suite Upgrade at the Westin Minneapolis


Minneapolis is a relatively frequent destination for my business travels.  I've previously talked about my stays at the W Minneapolis and the Aloft near the Metrodome.  As I was preparing for another trip back in Minneapolis, I was expecting to stay at the Aloft, which has become my go-to place there, for its convenient location and typically reasonable rates.  I'm always open to ...

Boeing 787 in the ANA Domestic Configuration - The Journey the Destination


The long-awaited 787 has been in the news a lot lately.  The first United 787 was recently delivered to United, so seeing more of these innovative new airplanes in North America will become more frequent.  Japan Air Lines flies a 787 between Tokyo and Boston, and just this week, ANA launched 787 services on their Tokyo to Seattle route.

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Virgin Australia's new commercial - "The romance is back"

I've talked a lot about Virgin Australia since my nice experience with them on my trip to Australia and New Zealand about a year ago.  I was pretty impressed with their style, and highly recommend their long haul flights.  Booking Virgin Australia Business Class with Delta Skymiles is still the best redemption option for award trips to Australia.  

Their newest commercial isn't the best airline commercial I've seen, but I am a sucker for most any airline related advertisement.  I like the simple message that this one is telling, that the people make the difference. 



What do you think of VA's new campaign?

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Exploring Tokyo-Tsukiji Market and beyond - The Journey the Destination


Japan, and in particular Tokyo has long been a place that has intrigued me.  I have been to Japan several times, but other than one 22 hour layover, on those other trips I did not leave Narita (and one unplanned stop at Haneda...).  I was excited to finally have the chance to spend a little time in Tokyo.  

I hit some tourist highlights of the city on my previous ...

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Reminiscing about a past trip- Bird on a wire

potw3Although I took this picture a while ago, it brings back great memories of traveling. This is one  of my favorite cities, even after visiting several times it never gets old. So much history, so diverse 
and I can easily get by.

This bird (or others like it) can always be found in this location. In fact it's said that 
if these birds get lost, bad ...
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The Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt- The Journey the Destination


After my flight on the new Lufthansa 747-8i in First Class, I arrived in Frankfurt with about 6 hours until my A380 flight to Tokyo.  I could have stayed air side in the very nice First Class lounges in Frankfurt, but since I just got off a long haul flight, and had an even longer flight coming up, I decided to get some fresh air, and head to the wonderful Lufthansa First Class Terminal. ...

A good experience flying United--new 767-300 configuration in BusinessFirst

new 767

Most news regarding United lately has been almost uniformly negative both on this website and in other news reports.  From computer system failures, maintenance delays, and customer service snafus, it has been tough on United passengers, as well as employees.  I have experienced plenty of issues first hand, but I’m pleased to discuss a recent pleasant ...

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Delta medallions on Virgin Australia get additional benefits


I've spent a lot of time discussing Virgin Australia on this site, particularly since I live far from their home base.  I had a great trip to Australia last year, and got some excellent value out of some Delta SkyMiles for the trip.  I wish I had more opportunities to go to and around Australia, but unfortunately I do not.  Hopefully some readers who also hold some ...

United Global First and Lufthansa Senator Lounges at Washington Dulles (IAD) - The Journey the Destination


I don't travel through Dulles often, mostly since I live so close to O'Hare.  Since I was connecting to my Lufthansa flight and had a few hours, (and for the benefit of the blog), I figured I would visit the United Global First Lounge.  It was a new lounge to me, and it was relatively close to the arrival gate for my flight from Chicago.  This post is part of my trip report ...

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Booking 10 segments in 9 days - The Journey the Destination


"The Journey the Destination"

I was looking at a rather slow upcoming business travel schedule, and a lot of vacation time banked, plus a growing balance of United Mileage Plus miles.  My wife didn't have as much vacation time, and she was very gracious to give me a free pass for a leisure trip without her.  Since she wasn't there, that allowed me ...

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