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Asiana Airlines First Class Lounge in Seoul


I was about to experience something new.  I have heard glowing reports on Asiana Airlines service, especially in First Class.  I was excited to finally try it for myself.  

After my quick stay at the Hyatt Regency Incheon, I returned to the airport, and proceeded directly to Asiana First Class Check in.  By this time in my trip, I had accumulated quite a bit of extra items, so I decided to check a bag.  I was impressed to see my checked bag was wrapped in a ...

Update on recent travels flying American


After a pretty miserable experience with United this year, after over 150,000 premier qualifying miles, I really didn't see the need to continue getting frustrated with their operational and many other issues.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have decided to explore my options for domestic travel.  I'm not sure if this will stick long term, but after a few trips, I wanted to report back.

I booked a trip with flights on both Delta and American.  Admittedly, I didn't ...

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Review: The Hyatt Regency Incheon Airport (now Grand Hyatt)


The main reason for flying to Seoul was to sample Asiana First Class service on a long haul flight.  I've been to Seoul before (and since) this trip, so despite it being a great destination, I didn't explore at all, and opted for the convenience of an airport hotel.  Once all of my flights were finalized, it ended up that I only had a short overnight layover in Seoul,  

Exterior photo of Hyatt Regency ...

Cathay Pacific 747 Business Class from Hong Kong to Seoul


The only thing better than turning left after boarding a plane is going upstairs.  This wasn't the newest Business Class product, but I was excited to try out Cathay Pacific's herringbone Business Class seating configuration.

Cathay Pacific 747 Business Class configuration


I've never flown in a herringbone business class seat like this.  This was a pretty ...

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Is the Sky Blue-er on the other side: Testing US and DeltAA


I'd love to say "its not me, its you" and fully break up with United, but I don't feel like any US domestic airline is that much better than any other.  Although clearly United is at or very near the bottom.  With that in mind, I used a recent business trip to Los Angeles as a trial run to explore some other options.

Sitting on a American plane, Delta in the background, with United way back there...

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Touring Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounges in Hong Kong


I could have flown home directly from Bangkok, but what fun would that be?  I had planned my flights around unique (read geeky) travel experiences; in this segment, I'll discuss my time in Hong Kong.  I never left the airport, since I only had a few hours, but I always enjoy layovers at HKG, and due to a slight delay, I had even more time to enjoy the lounges.

Tarmac views and more from The Cathay Pacific Wing ...

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Thai Airways A346 Royal First Class from Bangkok to Hong Kong


I saw 4 engines, but this airplane was made in France, not Seattle.  Yep, I got TG'd.  In plain English, the original aircraft scheduled to make this trip has changed to something else.  It could be worse, at least this flight still had a first class cabin (unlike the experience James had).  Although the cabin was something designed in a past decade, it was fine for the short trip to Hong Kong.


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Thai Airways Royal First Class Lounge and Spa


Thai Airways has plenty of issues, but the experience before departure in Bangkok when in Royal First Class is hard to beat.  An excellent lounge, plus an hour long massage in their spa is a great way to prepare for a flight.  I've visited before, but routing via Bangkok in First Class is always in the back of my mind if I am on an award trip in this part of the world.  In addition to this review, please see my past reviews of this experience (full review from 2013, my first ...

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Best Western Amaranth for a short layover near Bangkok Airport


Now that i've experienced the temples of Angkor and my first trip to Cambodia, the long round-about journey towards home would begin.  I was aiming for some new experiences as well as some fun ones that I've done before.  First I had a short overnight layover in Bangkok.  In the past, I had gone into the city (and have had some lovely stays (Grand Hyatt, Sheraton, Park Plaza), but given this visit was very short, I opted to try a new place.  I booked a room at the Best ...

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A Picture Tour of the Angkor Wat Temples Around Siem Reap


For touring the temples of Angkor, I wanted to experience it first hand, and at my own pace, so I decided to rent a bike from the hotel and visit them that way.  The roads are flat, there isn't too much traffic, so I thought this would be fun.  It was hot, and I was sweaty, but it was well worth it.  The following photos doen't do justice to how beautiful everything was, or how hot it was. 

There are certainly good tour guides available, but I kind of ...

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The Le Meridien Angkor, my home base in Siem Reap


Cambodia has been a place I've long wanted to visit, so it was exciting to finally be here!  Since my plans had changed somewhat, and was traveling alone, I opted to be a little more frugal and stay at the Le Meridien.  Its a plenty nice hotel, but I couldn't really justify the splurge on the new Park Hyatt when traveling solo. I'd rather share an experience like that with my wife.

My ride to the Le Meridien was booked by the hotel; and better yet, it was free. ...

Malaysia Airlines economy between Kuala Lumpur to Siem Reap


Malaysia Airlines has had a horrible year.  I was somewhat hesitant to book travel with them, but the flights were convenient to my needs.  My flights occurred before the tragedy of MH17 over Ukraine.  

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-800 that I took to Siem Reap

I paid cash for the roundtrip flights between Kuala Lumpur and Siem Reap, which was about $265.  After my day in Kuala Lumpur, I returned to the airport for the ...

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Another nightmarish travel experience on United. Where should I put my loyalty?


Or as I refer to my typical travel on United, "Another day, another delay"

I've finally had a travel experience that has caused me to seriously reevaluate my airline loyalty.  For a relatively simple trip from Milwaukee to Los Angeles through Chicago, due to a long string of issues including maintenance and crew problems (and some ATC delays for good measure)  I ultimately arrived in Los Angeles about 19 hours after ...

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My time in Kuala Lumpur and at the Le Meridien


I really enjoy Southeast Asia, and Kuala Lumpur is a favorite destination there.  I was excited to have a little more time to explore and eat in this fun city.  And gawk at the Petronas Towers...

Moon over the Petronas Towers

My time in Kuala Lumpur (KL) was just a bonus due to flight schedules.  I only had about 24 hours on the ground there.  To keep things simple, I booked my stay at the Le Meridien.  This hotel ...

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Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class between Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur


I had one last leg remaining on the award ticket for my outbound journey.  I was connecting to Kuala Lumpur where I would spend my first night in a bed after 2 nights in a row sleeping on planes.

Thai Airways A330-300 like I rode between Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. Photo credit: Flickr

Because I am a geek, and now was traveling alone without my wife to maintain sanity in travel plans, I added an extra flight to visit the Thai Royal First ...

Thai Airways Royal First Class on the Airbus A380 Frankfurt to Bangkok


After a less than smooth transit experience in Frankfurt, I was excited to try out the new flagship of Thai's fleet, the A380.  Lots of purple as expected, but the Royal First Class seat was a great way to travel.

Thai Airways Royal First Class Suite on the Airbus A380

I've flown Thai First class before, but this is the first long haul flight in a cabin designed to their specifications.  My past ...

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Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Munich then transiting Frankfurt


After my excellent Lufthansa flight from Toronto, I had a few hours in Munich before continuing to Frankfurt and beyond.  I planned spend the layover in the Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Munich, which I could access as a passenger arriving on Lufthansa in First Class with an onward flight.  


Munich First Class Lounge Entry - Photo from Flickr

I was greeted on the jetway, and escorted through security, and given directions ...

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Now You're Flying - Newest commercial from Virgin Australia

Despite living nearly 10,000 miles from Australia, I kind of keep tabs on Virgin Australia.  I had good experiences on the few occasions I have flown with them, and I hope to again.  I am a fan of good advertising especially airline commercials.  As part of the Virgin Group, style is front and center of everything, but in my experiences with the Australian brand, there is actually some substance to back it up as well.  

The airline recently launched a new ...

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First Class all to myself: Lufthansa Inaugural Toronto to Munich


Hello Lufthansa First Class, it is nice to see you again.  For this flight from Toronto to Munich, I'd have the Airbus 330-300  First Class cabin to myself.  Score!


Lufthansa A330-300 First Class Cabin

Note: getting this posted has been delayed by a major event in my life, the birth of my daughter Adeline.  My wife's pregnancy is also why I took this trip solo, as it was ...

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Turkish Airlines Elite packet has arrived, also 2 years of domestic lounges


After letting my United Club membership lapse, I've had a few trips without club access.  In most cases, I really didn't miss it.  Now that my Turkish Airlines status match has been approved, and I received my card, I again have the option for access when traveling domestically.

I have been weighing my options for a while, and even reached out to my readers for suggestions on maintaining United Club access.  I opted to do a status match to Turkish Airlines with ...

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