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When we’re on the road and need to rent a car we choose National Car Rentals’s easy-to-use and convenient program, the Emerald Club. Not only is it a fast way to rent a car, but the Emerald Club makes renting fun. Where else can you check out as many cars you’d like before making your selection? Because we endorse life in #TheEmeraldWorld, we want you to have the facts about National’s revolutionary program and hope the next time you rent a car, you’ll give the Emerald Club a try.

One of National's primary goals is to make renting a smooth and easy experience, especially for frequent travelers. They know at the end of a long flight the last thing a traveler wants is a hectic time renting a car. That’s why they’ve developed the Emerald Club, a program where you can choose your own car and skip all the hassle of traditional renting. National believes that you should have options and by allowing you to bypass the counter, choose your own car and your own rewards they strive to provide you with a better experience. 

The Emerald Club is your key to speed, control and choice when renting a car. We’ve listed some common questions about the Emerald Club, the Emerald Aisle and the program's Executive status.


How does the Emerald Club work?

The Emerald Club is free to join and saves all of your rental information for future rentals. Since your information is already saved you simply reserve a midsize car and then choose your own car on the Emerald Aisle when you arrive at your destination.

What is the Emerald Aisle?

The Emerald Aisle is a row of cars, specifically designated for Emerald Club members, that you can choose from. You simply reserve a midsize car and then walk out to the Emerald Aisle at more than 60 locations in the US and Canada and select any car available.

Do I need to stop at the counter?

At locations with Emerald Aisle service you can bypass the counter and head straight to the row of waiting cars. As long as you have reserved a midsize car, you can choose any car from the Emerald Aisle, drive to the gate to show your license and credit card and you’re off.

How long do I have to select a car?

As long as you like. Walk up and down the Aisle and look at all the cars that are available. Take your time to choose the car that best suits your need for this rental.

How do I get the keys?

The keys are in the car. Just hop in and drive to the gate.

Is my name on a sign with a parking spot number?

No. As long as you have reserved a midsize car, you can head straight to the aisle and select whichever car you like. Cars are not preassigned, so you are free to choose whichever car from the Aisle you like.

I want to use a different credit card than the one I reserved with, do I need to stop at the counter?

You can bypass the counter, pick your car from the aisle and show the other card at the exit booth. The attendant can update your rental with the new card on the spot and then you’re free to drive off!

What kind of cars are on the Emerald Aisle?

While you only pay for a mid size car when accessing the Aisle there are a range of cars available. Some are mid size while others are full size or even SUVs and minivans.

Do I return the car to a special aisle too?

You return the car by following the signs to the regular return area. You’ll drop off your car with everyone else in the same location. A National attendant will greet you right at the car at many locations and give you a receipt on the spot. Alternatively, if you indicate in your Emerald Club profile that you want to received emailed receipts, you can head straight for the terminal and an e-receipt will follow instantly.

Do I have to pay more if there's a premium car on the aisle?

No. That’s the great thing about the Aisle! Just pay for the midsize car you reserved and take whatever is available.

What cars are on the Executive aisle?

After 12 rentals in one calendar year you will be upgraded to Executive status with Emerald Club. You can then browse cars on the Executive Aisle which is loaded with fullsize and larger vehicles.

When do I sign my contract?

Since all of your details are always on file, you simply present your driver’s license and credit card at the booth before exiting the rental center. There’s nothing additional to sign, just drive away!

How much does Emerald Club membership cost?

Emerald Club is complimentary! You can join today for no cost by following this link.

Are there minivans/SUVs?

Sometimes! But not always. If you have a specific vehicle you need, you should always book that class of car. However there are often different size vehicles on the Aisle so you might be surprised by the selection.

Which locations have Emerald Aisle service?

A complete list of locations can be found here.

Can I earn airline miles?

Yes! You can choose either free rental days or airline miles as your reward. A full list of travel partners is here.

How do I get a toll pass or GPS?

You can pick up an electronic toll pass or GPS at the exit booth when you are showing your ID and credit card. Additional charges apply for these devices.

How do I get a car seat?

Depending upon the location, car seats are available from the attendant near the Aisle. 


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