New American Airlines Feature - Unrequested Flight Change Only $49

I had missed a call from American Airlines this morning.  As I was driving later today my mind started to wander as I thought of the possibilities. Perhaps my SFO-LAX-JFK flight next week is already canceled and I could sweet talk them into routing me through SEA and MIA for the most miles. I almost ran a red light as my mind was in "upgrade heaven" counting the additional miles.

As the light turned green, and I headed down the boulevard to the next set of lights, my phone rang - the display read "American Airlines".

"This is Hope from American Airlines calling about your trip next week from SFO to LA to New York's JFK airport."

This was it! I couldn't wait - I wasn't at my computer, but I was sure I could come up with a creative routing without running too many red lights or crashing into things. In addition the upcoming lights all were synchronized to green - I might make the best time of my life back to my office.

She continued, "We would like to offer you a trip on the non-stop SFO to JFK flight for only $49 additional. Are you interested?"

The light turned red.

I stuttered for a moment, not sure what to say. A thousand questions raced through my head as I quickly slowed for the light. Non stop? What was she talking about? Who would want to take a non-stop flight when you can get more miles going indirectly. $49? Who would want to pay more for less miles, less take offs and landing, and less hot nuts? Why didn't she address me by name?

The silence must have been deafening to her "Sir, are you interested?" she persisted.

"No, no I am not interested" I replied with a sigh. And without thinking I drove through the red light.



Peter T March 10, 2010 at 09:06 pm

Hahahah, great post Mike.

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