My Pics of two "Amazing Race" teams at LAX

Warning: Possible spoilers! (???)

This Sunday CBS is airing the 16th edition of The Amazing Race. As you may know contestants race around the world performing tasks and trying to reach the finish line, in each stage, before everyone else. The last team at each stop is eliminated until only one team remains.

Back in November there were several film crews and some brightly dressed contestants for this show transiting LAX. When the JFK flight was delayed about 90 minutes the panicked contestants budged the line so they could get on another flight. I have no idea what flight they ended up taking, or where they were connecting to, but we arrived in New York only 45 minutes late that day. I am sure they could have made their connection. Rookies.

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Two of the contestants telling their story

Update: Josh pointed out my mistake - this was at LAX not SFO - the above post is updated to reflect that.


Josh February 9, 2010 at 08:53 pm

Are you sure this is SFO and not LAX? At SFO, AA uses Boarding Area E (gates 60-60A, 61, 62A-B, 63, 64-64A, 65-65A, 66-66A, 67). At LAX, Gate 47B is an AA gate in Terminal 4.

Also, the carpeting and the chairs look an awful lot like LAX...

Mike February 9, 2010 at 08:55 pm

@Josh - you are right, I took a few SFO-LAX-JFK trips for the extra 500 miles and I forgot about this. Of course it was LAX as I have another shot of the crew from the second floor Admirals Club. I am getting forgetful!

Andy February 11, 2010 at 01:23 am

The race started in Los Angeles and the team you saw was going from LAX to Chile via JFK and probably MIA (although AA also has LAX-MIA, so unclear why JFK is involved, but these first leg flights are always spoon fed). The race finished in San Francisco on Dec. 12.

Hi Mike,

I love the shots because you can really feel that TV production strange vibe--producers running around and lot's of other "Don't you know who I am" folks everywhere" and the upgrade list growing. I bet the elites were panicking that some under the radar upgrades were going to go through. I know I'd be!

Mike February 13, 2010 at 06:38 pm

@Andy - thanks for updating us on their itin - its weird that they were routed through JFK. Maybe they wanted the additional miles for status?! ;)

@Gailen - lol, I think you were right, the upgrade list was over 2 screens, I didn't really care - mine had already cleared. What these photos don't show is that there were two camera operators, one sound engineer, and one producer for each team. Maybe more. Either way there were 12 to 14 people in total between the two teams.

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