American Airlines New Aircraft Cabin Tour Video

American Airlines released photos and a promotional video of their new A321's (due in 2013) and 777-300 ER aircraft due in service later this year. The photos and videos highlight a long overdue upgrade to the hard product in all three cabins. The A321's promise three class service on all transcontinental flights including entertainment at every seat, wifi, and relatively large first and business class cabins for a single aisle aircraft.  Watch the video below for more details on both aircraft.




Business class will finally get a fully flat bed product after years of dealing with the angled lie flat seats on the current fleet. First class remains on the transcon aircraft from which Alec Baldwin has a more private area to use his cell phone. All in all these look like great changes if American comes out of bankruptcy protection as a stand alone carrier. Who knows what will happen to these aircraft orders if they merge with another carrier. 



Sam July 24, 2012 at 12:50 am

Looks great! Can't wait to try their new business class on the 777. I noticed no new coach on the 777. Is this true or just not on video. If there is a new coach I'd be intrigued to see it.

Mike July 24, 2012 at 01:00 am

@Sam the new "main cabin" on the 777 will be similar to the A321 photos, with seat back IFE. I think they just omitted it from the video since they were focused on the business and first class seat improvements. However, American is moving to 10 abreast seating in most of economy making it a tight squeeze for most of us.

Sam July 24, 2012 at 01:05 am

@Mike I was once most unlucky to fly Y on an AF 777 with 10 abreast seating and it was surprisingly comfortable. Didn't feel too cramped. I also noticed the lack of livery on the aircraft. Is this a hint of a new livery perhaps?

Mike July 24, 2012 at 01:07 am

I also noticed the lack of livery on the aircraft. Is this a hint of a new livery perhaps?

I doubt it. It's more likely that the ad agency ran out of budget to render it correctly. But who knows, maybe they'll emerge from bankruptcy with a new design.

Sam July 24, 2012 at 01:11 am

@Mike let's hope so! It definatly looks like AA are moving in the right direction. Although Is there really a need for a 3 class transcon?

Mike July 24, 2012 at 01:17 am

Although Is there really a need for a 3 class transcon?

While the screen actors guild no longer requires first class travel explicitly there are still a large number of celebrities that travel between LAX and New York who pay for first. I'm sure it's well worth the revenue to keep three classes of service for those passengers.

I was surprised to see the cabin reconfig. Though with COdbaUA dropping F from p.s., I'm looking forward to flying on the AA 321!

Rocky July 24, 2012 at 02:30 pm

With AA being the ONLY carrier to offer a true first class I think they will be able to pull it off. Not to mention there will always be a few elites who book biz class and get the upgrade to F. This will keep people wanting to keep their Presidental Plat status with AA vs cutting over to Delta or UA. Not to mention having a true lay flat seat in both Biz and F will Help AA compete.

There is a 25% reduction though in the number of Biz class seats and a further reduction in Economy. Econ seats are dropping from 128 to 72 and Biz is dropping from 30 biz seats to only 20.

With AA current 10 flights a day each direction that's a drop in 100 biz seats and 560 economy seats a day between the two markets. Although the new shiny plane will be nice and will be a MUCH better experience then the 762, its a LARGE capacity decrease in ASM. Is AA ceding to the competition on this route or will the add more frequencies? or even keep some 762 still flying during peak times once they've refurbished them with lay flat seats?

I'm sad to see the departures of the 762 on this route. I would rather fly a widebody plane then a narrow body any day! Further the mark up on the LAX/JFK routing will probably see a significant increase unless other airlines increase capacity. I would say this would be a good time for Vx to increase frequencies or even Delta to replaces their 757 with 767 IF they can fill them.

Either way, the shiny new metal will be nice and a great experience no matter what class you're in because each cabin will be so small

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