Google to buy ITA Software?

It's being reported today that Google is in talks to buy ITA Software, the engine that powers many travel sites and so many of our mileage runs.
Google Inc. is in talks to acquire ITA Software Inc., a maker of travel programs used by companies including Orbitz Worldwide Inc. and ...

Surprise Surprise - Continental and United "Talking" again

The New York times is reporting that Continental Airlines is reopening merger talks with United. As we know, United has also allegedly been speaking with US Airways. But as we have all commented on our podcast, Continental has long been the favored partner.
Continental Airlines has ...

Long Awaited Improvement to Admirals Club Finally Here - Wasabi Peas!

Life is like a box of chocolates...or is it "Life is like a plastic cup of snack mix". We all know how pathetic the food offerings in the Admirals Club are and even the pay-for choices are meager at best. While other airline clubs continue to add amenities including free alcohol and decent snacks, the Admirals Club remains stagnant.

Well not anymore! 

As I walked up to the one-twisted-arm-bandit (as I like to call it), I was in for a big surprise. Wasabi Peas! When did they slip these little gems in there? I didn't receive an AAirmail about them, nor remember any tweets from @AdmiralsClub. When did you first find them? Did I miss them the last time? Write in below...



New American Airlines Feature - Unrequested Flight Change Only $49

I had missed a call from American Airlines this morning.  As I was driving later today my mind started to wander as I thought of the possibilities. Perhaps my SFO-LAX-JFK flight next week is already canceled and I could sweet talk them into routing me through SEA and MIA for the most ...

My Pics of two "Amazing Race" teams at LAX

Warning: Possible spoilers! (???)
This Sunday CBS is airing the 16th edition of The Amazing Race. As you may know contestants race around the world performing tasks and trying to reach the finish line, in each stage, before everyone else. The last team at each stop is eliminated until ...

Oneworld lives! JAL to stay with American

I can't keep up - but as of right now rueters is reporting that JAL is sticking with OneWorld and not joining Delta in Skyteam.
JAL's new chief executive officer, Kazuo Inamori, and officials of the ETIC have decided that switching alliances is too risky and could hinder their ability to turn ...

What is your first class hot towelette strategy?

Are you a bather or a wiper? Individual fingers or the whole hand at once? Steaming hot or wait till it cools?
On many airlines hot towelettes are provided for passengers in premium cabins, presumably to act as a way to wash your hands before eating. However, many airlines provide the ...

United Airlines CEO: More mergers on the way - clever analysts agree

The Chicago Tribune reports that United Airlines CEO Glenn Tilton predicted that there will be more airline mergers in the next two years. Shocking I know. Even more shocking is this statement from the article:
Analysts think that is likely.
Those crazy analysts. This must be why they ...
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Amtrak is finally adding wifi

It's hard to believe that so many of us blog from 34,000 feet in the air, but have to rely on PDAs and cell phones for internet access at zero feet on Amtrak.  That looks to be changing as a recent Wired magazine article states that wifi will be starting soon.
During the recent Amtrak ...

Happy Christmas from all of us at Upgrd!

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the airport
Not a flyer was stirring, not even a rat around D36.
The airplanes were parked by the jetbridge with care,
In hopes that the economy rebound would soon be there.

The Captain and FO were nestled in the ...

Craig Ferguson takes a bump

Following on from Josh's post about old school airlines failing at new media customer service, Continental really dropped the ball. TV's Craig Ferguson had a funny monologue this week regarding "volunteering" for a bump. Let's just say he doesn't get as excited about bumps as Matthew ...

"Up In The Air" review from up in the air

As I am flying to DFW I've got a few minutes to write a review of "Up In The Air" the recent Jason Reitman and George Clooney movie about a very frequent traveler.
Ummmm, what can I say? The movie was so hyped in upgrd-land that I had exceptionally high hopes for ... well I don't know ...

I've heard of airline bumps, but this is ridiculous

Jason Reitman, director of the "Up In The Air" movie, got bumped back to coach by some turkey. Errr...I a turkey.
Today, on "Turkey 1" a United Airlines flight from IAD to LAX, first class was occupied by the National Thanksgiving Turkey and his alternate who had ...

"Up In The Air" Movie Screening Next Week

It's no secret that every frequent flyer now thinks they are George Clooney due to the impending release of "Up In The Air" this Christmas. This movie chronicles the fictitious Ryan Bingham (Clooney) as he chases millions of frequent flyer miles - a theme that pulls all our upgrd heart ...

Transit the TSA security line like an expert

Ah...the joys of traveling. Traffic, check in agents making up their own rules, and our tax dollars hard at work at the TSA security check point. I am not sure what is more frustrating, the incompetent TSA staff standing around talking while passengers are waiting or the infrequent traveler that ...

Airline Club Membership Survey Results

After sending a distressed tweet on Twitter that I thought the Admirals Club was crazy for only serving cookies until 3pm on Sundays, I exchanged a few messages with @AdmiralsClub about the club offerings.  I replied something to the effect that the recent improvements in inflight service were ...