American Airlines New Airbus A321T

Today American launches their first Airbus A321T (transcontinental) service from JFK to Los Angeles. Last month, I experienced the aircraft during an American Airlines event at JFK.

Overall, it's an impressive cabin. With In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) at every seat and seating for ...

November Reach For the Miles Meetup in NYC

With the recent devaluation of United's MileagePlus it's the perfect time for a meetup to discuss what to do with your miles. 

Please join me on Wednesday, November 13th, at 6 pm in Manhattan to mingle and meet others from the travel industry, talk points and miles, have a drink from the cash bar and enjoy a fun, informal evening.

Please RSVP at

Look forward to seeing you there!

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Finally Use Your Smartphone or Tablet From Take Off to Landing

All of us are familiar with the requirement to turn off all electronic devices for take off. Not only is it annoying for passengers, but doubly so for the flight attendants that have to enforce this silly rule. On my EgyptAir flight almost two years ago, electronics were allowed throughout the ...

TWA Flight Center - JFK Terminal 5

The Eero Saarinen designed Trans World Flight Center, part of Terminal 5 at JFK, opened in 1962 and was closed in 2001 when TWA merged into American Airlines. This terminal is amazing. While its practicality diminished, even before it opened, it's the type of terminal that could make you look ...

New York City Meetup - Tuesday, September 17th

The next Reach For The Miles frequent flyer and mile aficionado meetup will be held Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 in the lower east side of Manhattan. After a successful first meetup that drew nearly 50 people I'm looking forward to an even bigger event this time.

Please join me on Tuesday, September 17th, at 6 pm to mingle and meet others from the travel industry, talk points and miles, have a drink from the cash bar and enjoy a fun, informal evening.

Please RSVP at

Look forward to seeing you there!

Feeling Coachy: Flying Humor on TV

You've probably seen all these clips before, but I thought I'd mention them for the few that have not. There are three TV clips that I often think of when boarding a plane. My favorite flying phrases, that get strange looks if you don't know them, come from these episodes: "I'm coachy!", "People up ...

Changing or Canceling an American Airlines Award

A friend asked me: "I need to cancel an American MileSaaver Award as plans have changed, is there a fee to get the miles back?"
American has fees associated with changes to an award and redepositing the miles for most members.  The explanation of the fees is explained in a fairly dense ...

Tonight in New York: Reach for the Miles

Don't forget tonight's meetup (July 30th, 2013) in New York City: Reach for the Miles. Join Fozz, The Miles Professor, The Wandering Aramean, Just Another Points Traveler, myself and other bloggers and frequent flyers at the first Reach for the ...

Behind the Scenes Revenue Management Video from American Airlines

American has quietly been rolling out a number of "behind the scenes" videos about the internal workings of the airline. From baggage handling to catering these videos are well produced and provide some insight into the inner workings of an airline.
"Why do airfares charge so much?" interviews ...

Reach for the Miles - New York City Meetup

Are you in New York City on Tuesday, July 30th? If so, join Fozz, The Miles Professor, The Wandering Aramean, myself and other bloggers and frequent flyers at the first Reach for the Miles meetup. 
Please join us on Tuesday, July 30th, at 6 pm to mingle and meet others from the travel ...

Singapore Airlines Announces New First, Business and Economy Class Cabins

Singapore Airlines has released details on their new First, Business and Economy Class products.  These new seats will begin to roll out in September on select flights between London and Singapore.

The first class seat offers a great deal of personal space. The seats are 35 inches ...

A Fee By Any Other Name Would Smell as Bitter

United re-introduced their annual "subscription" services: economy plus subscription and baggage subscription. The baggage subscription is simply a euphemism for bag fees in which they collect a $349 annual subscription instead of piecemeal for $25 each time you fly.
The $349 does allow ...

Samoa Air to Provide Special Seating for Bigger Passengers

The New Zealand Herald is reporting that Samoa Air, which recently began a pay-by-weight system, is now creating an Executive Row (XL) of seats with more space. Oh, and a ramp for boarding.
Somoa's Chief Executive Chris Langton told the Herald:
"We're in the process of changing the space ...

American Airlines Updated Boarding Passes and iOS App

American has updated their iOS app to show PreCheck status, better integration with Passbook and more direct integration with Twitter for support from the social media team. Once boarding passes are added to Passbook you'll get updated flight and gate information automatically sent to your ...

Preventing Constipation While Flying and Other Invaluable Tips

Step into my time machine and travel back to 1980 with me. You've just got a big promotion, requiring a lot of travel, so you pick up The Air Traveler's Handbook for some tips and tricks.

First published in London in 1978 and reprinted in 1980 you can learn about:
Runways Aircraft ...

AirNews: Ratings Are In

In aviation news this week:
A US Airways express plane, operated by Piedmont, lands with the gear up Consumer Reports list of "best" airlines is out with Virgin America taking the top spot. It's too bad those reviews don't equate to profit for VX. Spirit's CEO, at the bottom of the ratings, ...

eBags Mother Lode TLS Mini 21" Wheeled Duffel Review

One year ago today I purchased the eBags Mother Lode TLS Mini 21" Wheeled Duffel carry-on bag. Since then it's been my primary travel bag and has traveled close to 100,000 miles with me. The bag still looks sharp and has held up well during this time. I chose the blue version of the bag to ...

Delta T4X Terminal Preview in SoHo

Delta is previewing their new JFK Terminal 4 expansion with a pop-up display in SoHo, Manhattan. Located at 376 West Broadway at Broome St the two floors showcase the new design and new Delta Sky Club and Sky Deck. Walking down W. Thompson you will eventually come upon the ...

Braniff II Timetable from 1988

Braniff Inc (also known as Braniff II), the reincarnation of the failed Braniff airlines had hubs in Kansas City, Miami and DFW. With a single class of service and all leather seating. They were focused on unrestricted low cost fares for every flight. 

Braniff A320  - ...