Win a 10% Off eCert from United (and maybe a million miles)

United has created a couple of games that I have to admit are very addicting. The first is called "Legroom Legend" where the object is to "use fancy footwork to guide tossed items onto your tray table." It starts easy, but it gets hard after the first couple levels.


The second game, "Linejump Hero" (interesting name, huh?) is even more fun. It's a game that requires precise hand-eye coordination as you "hop on your roller suitcase and use Premier Lineâ„  to hit the launch ramp and soar over the lines at the airport" using your arrow keys.

images courtesy of United Airlines

When you complete each game, you have a chance to instantly win a 10% off e-cert and enter the contest for 1,000,000 United miles. You can play as many times as you like, but only enter each contest once per day. I scored an e-cert after my second game and it appears the winners are chosen randomly. Like many online games, there is a leader board so if you are the competitive type, you've got something else to shoot for.

United has created an iPhone app for these "Optathlon" games as well. A shame they can't create an iPhone app to book tickets and check mileage balances...

It's worth a few minutes of your time to check these games out. But be warned: you may get hooked.


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