Will I Make the Flight?

I was amazed, actually. Rocky writes about his post-Thanksgiving travels and my trip back to Philadelphia was also very smooth. I showed up at the gate for my Los Angeles - Denver flight on Monday afternoon about 20 minutes prior to scheduled departure and the gate was empty and the gate 77 door already closed. I first thought there had been a gate change, but everyone had boarded and they were waiting on me! (and did open the door for me) The flight was full--every seat was taken in both cabins--but the crew was great as was the lunch of shrimp salad and asparagus soup.

In Denver, I pulled up the loads of my United flight to Philadelphia, hoping for a bump (I was flying on a confirmed ticket), but it was wide open`--105 open seats on the 182-seat 757-200. It was a very light flight and the "race car" (as Captain Denny Flanagan calls the 757) rocketed down the runway. Tremendous service onboard by one of the FAs, though the purser was not in as jovial a mood. A deli-plate with a side salad and fruit was served in first class, which was not all that appetizing, but at least it was healthy. Sort of.

We arrived in Philadelphia 35 minutes early--a very easy trip across the country. So much for the busy Thanksgiving travel week--I haven't seen airports less crowded in months!


Randy November 29, 2012 at 02:42 pm

What aircraft was between LAX and DEN? In F?

757-200. I did get an complimentary upgrade on the route.

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