US Airways 100% Bonus Mile Promotion is Back

Just in time for Christmas, US Airways will bring back its 100% bonus promotion on purchased miles on 01 December. But unlike recent offers that capped the bonus at 50,000 miles, this time the maximum bonus is only 40,000 miles. That means those of you wanting to head to Europe in business class with no miles in your account will not be able to purchase enough miles for a ticket.

Recall that US Airways raised the price of purchased miles in October from 2.75 cents per mile to 3.5 cents per mile. That means a trip to Europe in Business Class (100K miles) jumped up to $1881.25 ($1750 + 7.5% excise tax) with a 100% bonus, which is still a decent deal considering US Airways' liberal routing rules and the ability to add a stopover. Plus, all of Europe is considered a single zone, you could fly from North America anywhere from Iceland to (the Republic of) Georgia for the 100K miles in business class. But with the mileage bonus capped at 40K this time around, that dream trip to Europe may have to wait.

Remember that you need to have a US Airways account that has been open for at least 12 days to purchase miles, so open one now here if you need to.


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