United Returns to Lima! New Service from Houston with Domestic 767-300s

Starting in February, United will take over Continental's Houston (IAH) to Lima (LIM) route.

Currently, Continental operates a 757-200 on this 3,143-mile, 6.5 hour flight, featuring 16 BusinessFirst seats (though this winter they will be transitioning to a 757-300 with 24 domestic first class seats). United, at least according to the seatmaps currently available, will be using a domestically-configured 767-300 for the route. 

While this will increase the number of premium seats onboard (bringing the total to 34), a lot more economy seats will be added to the fray as well. That means upgrade chances will only be marginally better.

The question of the hour is whether this route will again become a complimentary upgrade route. Continental used to offer free elite upgrades between IAH and LIM, but stopped in March this year. 

There may just not be enough paid premium traffic on this route to justify a three-cabin product, but LAN will surely have the advantage now in terms of premium offering. I don't think I'm the only one who avoids using a systemwide upgrade on a "ghetto bird" (as UA flyers call UA's domestically-configured 763s) if upgrades aren't complimentary.

Here's a look at one of UA's first new post-merger international routes:


Sc November 21, 2010 at 01:58 am

The turnaround time is only 30 minutes???!!

Darren November 21, 2010 at 01:35 pm

Kind of a cool route addition for United, but the domestic 767 is interesting. It looks like UA needs to adjust their fare offerings for "business" class. A couple of dates I checked against LAN and AA, United is totally uncompetitive. AA and LAN even have a much better pitch/lay flat layout in their premium cabins.

@SC: Interesting point--that certainly does not seem like a lot of time.

Perhaps UA pads their schedules so much they can get away with it.

@Darren: Totally agree about C-Class pricing. UA can't get away with those prices.

Fozz M November 21, 2010 at 09:59 pm

Just a point of clarification, IAH-LIM has been a 757-200 for years. It was just recently dubbed BusinessFirst to be able to change the upgrade protocol.

@Fozz: Thanks for the clarification.

robert melvin November 24, 2010 at 12:12 pm

you shouldnt use a systemwide upgrade on a ghetto bird, they shouldnt even have them. If you want first class, pay for it, if not keep walking to the back. Just remember, if you dont fly, someone else will, so as a frequent flier your entitled to nothing but what you pay for!

Come on Robert! There's not enough paid traffic to fill up premium cabins.

Airlines can respond in one of two ways. Leave the seats empty, thereby giving some marginal inrease in enjoyment to those who paid full price to sit in the premium cabin, or offer upgrades to elites that fly with the airline often.

I would argue the second choice, which engenders loyalty, is much better for the airline's bottom line--and that's why most airline offer some sort of upgrade program for their elites.

HunterSFO December 1, 2010 at 06:16 pm

@Robert - Mileage plus and all of the elite perks that go with it are a product that United sells. In fact, MP is a wildly profitable part of an airline that otherwise struggles to make money. The systemwide upgrades are part of this product and as long as they are a published benefit I will use them without apology to "those who paid full price to sit in the premium cabin." I "paid" everything that Mileage Plus required to EARN my systemwide upgrades.

Without the profit from Mileage Plus United would disappear. The funding they get by selling MP miles to Chase alone is a HUGE part of the airline's revenue. NOTHING in this world is free, including an upgrade with a SWU. So don't for one minute try to act like I got something for nothing.

@HunterSFO: I agree with you 100%.

Notice how the return flight lists no meal? I guess that falls in line with no meals on ORD/DEN-Hawaii, but thumbs down if UA is not going to serve a meal in economy on 7hr international flight.

Ted July 13, 2011 at 06:04 pm

i am on a united flight to lima thursday and the arrival time in lima is 1025pm not 1125pm.

Ted, thanks for your comment. This post was from November 2010 when scheduled arrival time was 2325.

Rita March 15, 2012 at 10:28 am

I used to work for UA in Lima Peru until UA left. How can I apply to work again for UA? I had the FASTRES course in Miami. I studied in FIU and MIAMI dade Comm College being peruvian now I live in Peru, but would like to work for UA. thank you,

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