United Improves Upgrade Transparency...Kind Of

United Airlines has taken a step in the right direction in introducing a new upgrade display that at least allows you to see that you are on the complimentary upgrade list for a flight.



No, I'd prefer to call...

Prior to this, elites waiting for complimentary ugprades would not know if they were even on the list. Unlike the legacy United system that displayed complimentary upgrades as either pending, waitlisted, or confirmed, the post-merger Continental complimentary upgrade system magically upgrades an elite's reservation based on...well, that's anyone's guess. The computers know best, we are told.

The upgrade system itself has not changed. There is still no such thing as a waitlisted complimentary upgrade on United. Flyertalkers have reported the same problem I recently experienced on my way to Philadelphia still exists even with this enhancement. In other words, the system is still broken, but we will at least know that we are on the list for a complimentary ugprade.

It's not much, but I'll take it.


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