United Club Passes on Sale for $19

United Airlines has discounted single-entry lounge passes at U.S. airports, offering the $50 passes for only $19.

For those without lounge access, this offer is quite appealing. Sure, United Clubs are no comparison to clubs like a Lufthansa Senator Lounge or Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, but if I had a long layover or arrived at an airport a couple hours before my flight, $19 for a comfortable seat away from the crowds, wi-fi internet, drinks, snacks, and newspapers would be a very reasonable exchange.

Curiously, United is only offering these discounts for walk-in guests and does not appear to be advertising the special prices. Consequently, I cannot tell you how long the deal will last or why United is even running it. United has not extended the discount to passes purchased on united.com: they are still $39 (a discount from the normal $50 rate). Furthermore, you cannot purchase a pass at the $19 price for use on a later date--the discount is only good if you enter the club immediately.

Next time you are at an airport with a United Club (the new name for what were formerly United Red Carpet Clubs and Continental President's Clubs) keep the discount in mind--with the  high price of junk food at U.S. airports, you just might get your money back on cheese and crackers alone.


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