United Announces Additional 787 Routes

Although United Airlines, with great fanfare, announced that the Boeing 787 would operate the carrier's new Denver-Tokyo Narita route next year, that will not be the first route we will see United's newest fleet addition on. Today, United filled us in on what other routes we can look for the 787 on:

We’ll kick off our 787 international routes on December 4, with service between our Houston hub and Amsterdam. This route will be offered through March 29, 2013.

Next up is service between Los Angeles and Tokyo, with daily flights beginning on January 3, 2013, followed by nonstop service five days a week between Houston and Lagos, Nigeria, starting on January 7. 

From February 4 to March 29, our 787 will fly between Houston and London Heathrow.
On March 30, we will operate flights between Los Angeles and Shanghai, and on March 31 we launch our Denver-to-Tokyo route, which we announced previously.

Our flights between Denver and Narita are available for sale on united.com, and you can book our newly announced flights beginning on August 25.

Closer to home, we’ll be announcing our 787 U.S. domestic routes, which will launch before our Dreamliner takes off to international destinations.

The last sentence caught my eye--any guesses what domestic routes we'll see the 787 on? I am hoping for Houston to Los Angeles or San Francisco, but whatever routes we end up seeing it on, you can bet that I will go out of my way to fly on it.

It took me a couple years to fly on the A380 and I still have not had the pleasure to fly on Lufthansa's new 747-8 yet, but I am sure there will be opportunities in the coming months. There's just something fun about flying on a new aircraft for the first time.


BR August 25, 2012 at 01:57 pm

I hope its on their ORD to MKE flight......jk :P

arcticbull August 25, 2012 at 04:56 pm

Just hope you don't end up in coach with it's 17" seats and 3-3-3 configuration :p That's reason enough for me to avoid it unless they give me a good reason not to.

@BR: ORD-MKE? Pfft ;-)

ORD-MCI would clearly be a better fit for this aircraft :p

I was waiting for the info!Thank you for getting it. I do hope it's BOI-SFO :) But no joke, I will go out of my way to fly it too.

Domestic routes announced--


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