Trying out Adria Airways and Croatia Airlines

This weekend I am checking out out two new European cities: Ljubljana, Slovenia and Zagreb, Croatia. The cities are only 140km apart, so I will be flying into Ljubljana then traveling to Zagreb by train, and finally returning to Frankfurt by air from Zagreb.

Lufthansa serves both cities, but I thought it would be interesting to try out two lesser-known Star Alliance carriers: Adria Airways (the flag carrier of Slovenia) and Croatia Airlines (the flag carrier of Croatia). Ticket prices, particularly on these airlines, were high, so I burned 18,000 bmi miles for a round-trip in business class. Stay tuned for a full report on each of the flights--though with flight times of not much more than one hour, I am not expecting too much. Normally, business class is just not worth it on these short routes, but for an extra 3K miles each flight, I figured why not...

I am preparing for departure and still have to take care of a few items, namely where I am going to stay and what I am going to see, but it has been a busy week. Besides, maybe it is time for  a hostel this weekend--I was spoiled by the Park Hyatt in Mendoza and Grand Hyatt Santiago last week. I love luxury hotels, but am not opposed to saving a few Euros now and then. There will be plenty of time luxury hotels in the weeks to come.

I will check in again, perhaps on Twitter, if anything goes wrong, but I wish you all a great weekend. Look for a special 9/11 post tomorrow.


Drew September 10, 2011 at 08:50 am

Enjoy the train between the two cities. It's quite beautiful as you ride along the river in some parts of the trip.

Darren September 10, 2011 at 05:15 pm

Looking forward to the trip reports! BTW, are you going to review Ryanair (or did I miss it)?

@Darren: Thanks for the reminder. I'll get that out next week.

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