The Poor Folks at United Airlines Customer Service

I've written before about, the site that allows disgruntled United (and now Continental) passengers to post complaints about their expeirence. The sight recently got a facelift, humorously now resembling the current homepage.


Whenever I need a laugh, I go to to read some of the passenger complaints. Some of them are legit, but most are laughably ridiculous, like this one:

We booked this flight for 2 people on (United has merged with Continental). We were not given the opportunity to select seats online and were given seats apart from one another, which is the first complaint. When we reached Newark, we spoke with an employee at the Gate and she said she would try to do something but that so far there were no seats available as the flight was full. She told us to ask on the flight if anybody would change seats. We asked around us and nobody was willing so I approached two flight attendants and they were both very uncooperative and rude. Neither of them tried to help us in any way. Finally, the employee from the Gate came onboard to let us know she had found 2 seats for us. So she was fantastic, but the 2 attendants onboard were very incompetent and unhelpful. Secondly, I had ordered a Gluten Free meal because I don’t eat many grains and I thought that would be the best opportunity to avoid them. Whereas my husband received regular meals comprised of protein, vegetables and fruit, which would have been perfect for me, I was given a meal loaded with a variety of flour, with barely any vegetables and no fruit. Thirdly, on the way back (Continental 0091 from TLV to EWR), our luggage was given Continental’s Elite Status, but we were not. We weren’t even allowed to have the free upgrade to business, which is normally what Premier status receives, even though there were some free business seats available. All in all, we were very displeased with these flights and hope that United will make radical changes to Continental as the service was really terrible overall.

Of course Premiers get free upgrades to BusinessFirst...

There are some jobs that I simply could never hold. First and foremost is a driver of any kind, particularly a city bus driver, but I think I would hate answering hundreds of letters like this everyday almost as much. It helps me understand why we sometimes get poorly proofread, off-topic form letters back when we complian...


Jimgotkp November 21, 2011 at 10:13 am

A case of DYWKWIA. Does that mean 1K and 1P get an auto upgrade to BizFirst as well? If so, I'm sure there were more elites in the back of the plane that had higher status than her. Surprising that people expect a high level of service on a US carrier.... The fact that she has some form of status doesn't even excuse her as a newbie traveler...

SAN Greg November 21, 2011 at 03:26 pm


SEABrad November 23, 2011 at 02:21 pm

I have fat-fingered many a time and thus ended up there. Some really good material on the site, ranging from blatant racism to disregard for safety. I mean who would not want to fly in heavy winds instead of being delayed for 45 minutes...

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