Reserving A Room When Your Hyatt Hotel Is Sold Out

While this may not come as a surprise to savvy hotel elites, I was pleased to see this message when trying to reserve a room at the sold out Park Hyatt Saigon earlier this week:

Notice that during periods of "extraordinary room demand" the benefit may not be available, but I had no trouble reserving a room. The only downside was that I could not apply one of my suite upgrades to the room since it was booked under a "sold out rate" (same as the Hyatt Daily Rate).

Now I have to check back every day and see if any rooms open up, but I think a better option may be sending an e-mail to the hotel manager. In any case, I am just happy I was able to reserve a room and will make-do with the "standard" room if necessary--after all, many rate the Park Hyatt Saigon the best hotel in Southeast Asia.


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