One Last Call to United Reservations to Finalize My China Award Trip

Over the last couple weeks another two schedule changes hit my upcoming 10-segment award trip to Southeast Asia and China. The changes were minor, but one change, a delay in the departure of my Los Angeles to Chicago flight by 20 minutes, left a buffer a bit too short for my comfort to make my connection to Munich. That meant another call to United Reservations.

I am very proud of my award itinerary and I had to have a few strings pulled to get a a double open-jaw with a stopover in BKK, so I was not happy about to having to call up and bring attention to the reservation. Strategically, I called the Philippines and a very kind reservation agent quickly noted the schedule changes on my reservation.

Oddly, United had taken proactive action in rescheduling one of my brother's flights, but not mine (we're on separate tickets). It just took a few minutes to get everything sorted and now we're back in business (well, first class to be precise...).

While I never let a schedule change in a client's itinerary fester, I let mine languish for a couple weeks because I was so busy with final exams. Next time, I'll just make the phone call immediately upon notification of the change and be done with it. The phone call was pleasant and took less time than it has taken me to blog about it.

Now I've got to pick up our visas at the Chinese consulate.


Chad December 20, 2010 at 07:13 pm

You seem to have the best luck when calling United. So jealous of your trip.

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