Ohio Woman Defrauds United of $400,000+

Another reason to be weary of the contract employees of United Express:

An Ohio roller derby skater who used the team name "Sadistic Sadie" has admitted in federal court to illegally obtaining more than $400,000 in airline tickets while working for United Airlines.

That's one way to work the system...

Federal prosecutors say Stafford created fake numbers for tickets that are issued to passengers when a United Airlines flight is canceled or delayed, to allow passengers to travel on another flight. The Cincinnati Rollergirls team member then used the fake tickets to obtain real tickets that she used for herself or provided to family, friends, teammates and others associated with roller derby events, court records state. United honored the tickets, whether they were used on its planes or other airlines.

Stafford booked more than 500 plane tickets between May 6, 2007, to Oct. 22, 2009, through an online ticketing system while working for United at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport in Hebron, Ky., prosecutors say.

Stafford also admitted receiving payments totaling more than $50,000 from individuals and organizations that benefited from the tickets, prosecutors said...

The woman faces up to 20 years in prison and may be fined up to $250,000. She must also repay United for its losses.

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m2 June 4, 2010 at 11:00 am

Stating that Flight Attendants never move passengers up a class is false. I witnessed one attendant move approx. 10 individuals up from Economy to Business (Military in uniform) on United 917 (FRA to IAD). Though the circumstances warranted such an act, they do have the power, I’ve witnessed Flight Attendants feed passengers in economy food from business as well as bring them glasses of Champagne. If someone complains how far will it get? Besides, United never responds to passenger’s complaints; I'd like to meet one person who's received any follow-up to a complaint, maybe they can pass on their secret. I’m a 1K traveler and consider myself to be fairly easy going; a lot of things that happen around me that I feel are unjust just don’t bother me enough to write a letter; that said when I do have an issue and address it you best believe it’s an issue. Well I had a serious issue with United last year and one would think they would answer the mail of a 1K. I haven’t heard anything from them and when I try to call I get some person in India who could give a heck about my problems. The bottom line is from my recent travels I’ve observed the crew and they aren’t as outgoing as they used to be; customer service is out the window for the entire United operation. Where did all my 500 mile certificates go; who made the decision to get rid of them; before they got rid of them who made the decision to not allow us to use the certificates to sponsor upgrades for our family and friends? The certificates were good incentives and now they are gone. As I stated earlier, customer service is out the window but who’s flying the long hauls? Not many; but believe me United knows and they know they can get away with a lot because they are our only support.

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