Lufthansa Awards Now Bookable Online from United

United's website is suddenly evolving at a rapid pace. Just a day after allowing the online redemption of electronic certificates for Continental flights, you can now book award tickets on Lufthansa flights online using your United miles.

As you can see above, you can even book mixed carrier and multi-leg itineraries, although only round-trip tickets are bookable online--you will still have to call up to book Star Alliance o/w flights (unless on UA) or open-jaw trips.

The fact that United continues to invest in ".bomb" suggests that United's website will survive the merger. Continental has a great website right now, but I've grown quite comfortable with UA's site and would be very happy to see it stick around once the two airlines are fully integrated.

I'm a bit crestfallen--selfishly, I know---about these updates because now users who had no idea they could use their miles for for Lufthansa can book a Lufty ticket rather easily online. That doesn't bode well for the savvy travelers who have benefited from the conventional wisdom that UA miles are only good for UA flights. Yes, I am one of those people!

Even with the continued bugs on, one thing is certain: UA is working on it.


Damian March 11, 2011 at 02:21 pm

This is wonderful! Also you can now book within Europe only rewards oh LH also.. (Just need to get them all loaded now UA)

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