John Travolta's Qantas Safety Video Irks Flight Crews

Qantas flight crew are not happy about a new safety video starring John Travolta that is now featured on most Qantas flights.

[S]taff are up in arms. It's "corny", apparently, and "tacky". Why an American? And, very particularly, why does Travolta refer to them as the team, not the crew? "We feel it's demeaning to be called 'the team'," one said. "It makes us feel like we work at McDonald's."

I am not really a Travolta fan, but come on, the safety video isn't that bad! I think it is corny, a tad unprofessional, and not nearly as clever as some of Air New Zealand's safety videos, but I don't think it demeans QF flights crews.

What do you think? Judge for yourself below.


David March 22, 2011 at 02:17 pm

I don't see why they're getting so upset. Nothing strikes me as any more corny or tacky than most other airlines' safety video.

Michael D March 22, 2011 at 07:57 pm

Johnny was a pilot for Quantas, has been a Quatas' official "Ambassador-at-Large" (and getting larger) and number one fanboy for almost a decade; hosted a three hour special about the construction of the A380 in 2005 from the top of a passenger stairway into some kind of Quantas plane. Those those folk should be use to his face by now. He loves them even if they don't love him. Who did they want? Paul Hogan? :)

The video has been pulled over labor concerns:

I don't understand why Qantas (eh hem... Michael... Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services) has held on to Travolta for this long as anti-... (was about to go on a whole Scientology rant, but I'm holding back).

It shouldn't be some American on their safety videos, anyway.

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