I Did Not Clear the Standby List...

...for the shower. And boy oh boy, did I miss it.

It's been an interesting few days. Easter Island was great--pictures will be coming in due time--but I made a big mistake. For some reason, the sun and my skin do not get along well. It's been a battle all my life and goes beyond just sunburn. If you recall, I had an allergic reaction while in Machu Picchu and had quite a horrific one this week--that only seems to be getting worse today.

Then, it was burning, this time it is swelling. To give you just a little insight into how I look right now, take a look at the image I photoshopped below (and please, no one tell me I look better with my face bloated...).

before_burn  after_burn

My forehead and cheeks have doubled in size and my eyes are swelling shut. Yes, I look a freak and I can tell that I am not just being self-conscious by the number of people staring at me today in airports! In fact (and I kid you not), I got secondary screening coming through passport control in Miami this morning, probably because the agent thought I had ODed on drugs or just had a botched plastic surgery.

Sadly, I could not just return home and lie down--I had a day full of flying ahead of me and more than anything else (other than a reduction in swelling), I wanted a shower. You see, the hot water was not working at my hotel on Easter Island. At Santiago last night, the hot water (and cold water) was not working in the showers at the LAN Lounge.

So when I got to the AAdmirals Club this morning in Miami I was really looking forward to a shower. Only there was 10 people ahead of me on the list and I only had an hour. The agent assured me it wouldn't be long, but 30 minutes passed and my name was not called. I tried to change my flight to Charlotte a later one, but the remaining flights were zeroed out and I was not about to attempt standby on an airline I have no elite status with.

So I left without a shower (going on five days now...) and find myself in the US Airways Club in Charlotte now. No showers here--looks like I am stuck till tomorrow. I am meeting my elderly uncle here this evening to fly him to San Francisco, then turning around immediately to get back to Philadelphia via Chicago on United.

Thankfully, everything is in first class, but I am just not in any mood to fly.

At least now I can still can squint through my eyes, though I am not in a productive mood...


Andy March 16, 2012 at 04:22 pm

You do look better:D LOL #jk in all seriousness, I probably need to think twice before I buy the admirals club membership since the primary benefit that I want is the shower. Get well soon!

AS March 17, 2012 at 02:17 pm

I don't know if you had enough time, but in a pinch, you could always burn a few hotel points (or use Priceline) to get a hotel room to use their shower at one of your connecting points.

@AS: Believe me, I was considering that. I did finally get a shower..about 20 hours later. I'll explain in today's post.

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